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It’s a reasonable question. There are so many variables in blogging and just one little tweak can make a difference. If you’ve been giving it all you’ve got it’s hard to give up because you never know when success might be just around the next corner. Still, though, there are times when you should quit your blog and move on. Let’s take a look…

When you’re no longer interested: This happens a lot when a blogger chooses a niche based on its money-making potential instead of his interest in the topic. Blogging is all about writing and you have to write a lot of content over a long period of time. If you’re not really interested in the topic you’re going to have to force yourself to blog every day and because you’re not personally engaged with your blog your readers won’t be either.

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When there’s no traffic: No traffic can happen for a number of reasons. Maybe you chose a niche that was too narrow and there’s not enough interest. Generally, though, if you’re not getting any traffic it’s because you’re not interested in doing the work, like creating engaging content and promoting your blog. If you’re not interested and no readers are interested it’s time to quit the blog and move on.

When there’s no profit: Personally, I think it’s possible to monetize any blog in any niche. As long as you can bring in traffic it’s just a matter of being creative enough to find something unique that’s meets the needs of your audience, even if you have to create it yourself. That said, it takes a lot of time to build a money-making blog in any niche. If you’re not seeing a profitable return on your investment of time and resources, then it’s time to quit the blog.

When there’s nothing left to say: It’s possible to choose a niche that’s so narrow that you eventually run out of things to blog about. I know because I’ve done it myself.

When the trend fades away: New products enter the marketplace every day and trending topics come and go. If you started a niche blog about the 2012 Olympics early enough to take over the SERPS you probably made a good bit of money. But once the 2012 Olympics ended and all the dust settled your blog probably died and there’s no way to revive it. It’s best to just quit it and move on.

It’s important to understand that it’s OK to quit a blog, it happens all the time. So don’t keep beating a dead horse. But it’s also important to understand that in almost each of these cases it’s possible to either revive that blog or sell it to someone who’s interested in that niche. So don’t be too hasty to quit.

Look beneath your frustration and identify the real reason the blog isn’t performing the way you want it to and be honest with yourself. And then be honest with yourself again and decide if you want to do the work to revive it. If not, then by all means, quit your blog and move on and use it as a learning experience.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Thank you.

    This will be liberating to many. I’m just about to let one blog go and reading this confirms what I believe. I found ‘blogging’ meant ‘slogging’ until a friend suggested I stopped thinking of it as blogging and considered ‘blogging’ in rhyme! As a poet this suddenly meant the slog evaporated.

    Nevertheless, I was attempting two blogs which is why this has helped me be ruthless!

  2. Steven Johnson

    These are some great tips. I’ve been wondering whether I should move on or start a new blog. I love the niche I picked, very similar to your niche, but I feel that everything I want to write about has already been done. My traffic is decent, but could be better. Not sure if I should quit and start a new blog or continue with the one I currently have. Mind taking a look at my current blog?

  3. Sajjal Neupane

    Hey Steven, Thank you. I’m just about to let one blog go and reading this confirms what I believe. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great writing.

  4. Leonacharleigh

    bonjour! My new awesome blog is slow on the lift off, but I love my topic and I dig my future and potential audience. Thanks for the reminder that it all comes down to passion, work, and flexibility. I love the part about ‘When you’re no longer interested.’ How true.

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