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The real reason most bloggers get blogger’s block isn’t because they can’t come up with a good idea, it’s because they have so many good ideas the “idea pipeline” is jammed. It’s like a 6-line highway packed with traffic all trying to merge into one lane. The answer? Plan your content in advance the same way editors have been planning their media content for decades: Use a blog editorial calendar to organize your ideas.

Benefits Of Using An Editorial Calendar

Avoid Blogger’s Block: Obviously, the biggest benefit of using an editorial calendar is that you’ll always be prepared with something to write about. Plan your calendar a week or a month in advance and you’ll immediately relieve that stress you have every day when you’re trying to come up with a good topic.

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Create A Funnel: It’s much easier to create that web of linked content that eventually leads to a squeeze page or landing page if you map everything out on a calendar.

Save Time: Some days a good post idea just pops into your head and other days you can spend hours thinking about it. Spend one hour once a week planning your posts and look at how much time you’ll save.

Diversity: I know I have a tendency to get stuck on a single topic or category. An editorial calendar helps you cover all your categories or topics for more diversity and better coverage on your blog.

How To Use A Blog Editorial Calendar

Your editorial calendar can be something as simple as a notepad and paper, or one of those big-block wall calendars. Create a spreadsheet, set up a Google calendar – whatever works best for you. Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider:

Topic: Start with the keyword you want to focus on and build your topic idea. Pay attention to your categories so you’re spreading your content evenly across your blog. Consider archive articles that you might want to link to to build your internal linking structure.

Format: This is also a good time to decide what format you’re going to use. A How-To post? A links post? A Q&A post? You can even map out a series post, too. Plan ahead so you have a variety of popular post types on your blog.

Call To Action: What’s your goal with this post? At the very least you should be linking to older content to keep visitors on your blog. Every post on your blog should have a goal, even if it’s just to provide information. Once a month plan a post that explains the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter, a post that sends visitors directly to your sales page, a post that tells your visitors to leave a comment, and so on.

The key to building a successful, money-making blog is to publish content frequently and regularly, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Use a blog editorial calendar to plan your content and you’ll never suffer from blogger’s block again.

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    Creating good content also means planning it on time. It’s important to communicate with your team and evenly distribute content creation tasks to different members of the team (if you have more than one writer). A well-planned strategy is half of the job already done.

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