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Blog Contraception: Get Protected Against Comment Spam

Unless you want to completely eliminate comments on your blog there’s no way to completely eliminate comment spam.

It’s like sex.

Total abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method of birth control.

Fortunately, there are several types of contraception available that will help minimize the threat.

And you can stop thinking about sex, now – I’m talking about comment spam.

If you’re using WordPress you have lots of options, starting with your dashboard.

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Go to your Settings menu and click on the Discussion link.

This is where you can adjust your comment settings.

To eliminate some of your spam, check the box that says the comment author must fill out their name and email.

To help with ease you work load you can also check the box to automatically close comments on a post after so many days.

(Most bloggers leave this at the default setting of 28 days, but I’ve seen blogs where comments are closed after 14 days, too. The choice is yours.)

A little further down the page you can require admin approval for all comments or you can allow comments to automatically publish as long as the author as had at least one previously approved comment.

Next, you have two boxes that many bloggers don’t pay any attention to but in my opinion they’re very helpful.

The Comment Moderation box: When a comment contains any of the words you list in this box it will automatically be held for moderation.

The Comment Blacklist: When a comment contains any of the words you list in this box it will automatically be reported as spam.

Both of these boxes will hold an unlimited number of words and they’ll pick up those words when they’re used in any portion of the comment content, the author name, the URL or the IP address.

I’ve blocked entire websites and individuals and it works like a charm.

For stronger control you can use a Captcha script and you’ll find several excellent WordPress plug-ins to help control Spam.

I like G.A.S.P. but there are new plug-ins appearing every day.

One word of caution: The more difficult you make it for readers to leave comments, the fewer comments you’ll receive.

Of course, the spammers will always find a way through your blockade, but it’s your real, loyal readers who suffer most.

If you’ve done everything you can to control it then maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing your comment moderation.


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  1. Laura Wolf At Toucan-marketing

    I fight spam all the time. I close the comments after 2 weeks, make all links nofollow but some still come through. In the settings panel of WordPress you can filter out some of the common phrases spammers would use. However, filtering spam is a tedious task. One of the latest forms is trackback spam when the comment looks as if it was a link back to your site but your link is nowhere. Always check the link before you approve any of these.

    1. Steven

      Laura, to prevent almost all spam, use these 2 plugins: Akismet and G.A.S.P.

  2. Laura At Seo Article Content Writing

    Thank you, only used Askimet, but according to my experience it has loads of false spam reports. will try GASP alongside.

  3. Andi Leeman

    Spam is always going to be an issue which is a shame, it is like online graffiti, they do not care where they spray their useless messages and they are often so rubbish no one in their right mind would approve them but many of them are trying to hit lost left blogs and guest books using software.

    It isn’t personal but very very annoying, I use Akismet which is really good but occasionally you do need to check the spam folder as you do find the odd one or two quality comments from good people tucked away in there. Some excellent tips here as always Steven thank you.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Andi. Blog comment spam is indeed a big pain in the a**. Fortunately, there are efficient ways to protect your blog against it. How is Akismet doing lately for you?

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