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If you’re an expert in your niche then chances are there’s something you can teach your readers.

Something they’d be willing to pay to learn.

No matter what niche you’re blogging in there’s someone out there who’s willing to pay for a little one-on-one personal attention and it’s just one more way you can make money with your blog.

Here are six tips for promoting your consulting services on your blog.

Create A Prominent About Page

Let readers know who you are and how you came to be an expert in your niche. Tell them about your college degrees or courses you’ve taken. Let them know about awards you’ve won. On this page it’s important to think about selling yourself. Be sure to include prominent contact information, including a contact form.

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Advertise Your Own Service

If your primary goal with your blog is to promote your own consulting services then remove all other ads from your blog. Even your blocks of AdSense. If you’re pulling in targeted traffic – which you should be – then those AdSense ads are going to be very interesting for your readers, and they might even be ads for your competitors. If you’re selling ad space then chances are the only advertisers who’d be interested will also be your competitors. Pull all ads and replace them with your own ads that link to your Services Page.

Create A Services Page

This is the page where you describe your services and show readers the benefits. You can set this up like a sales page and include pricing and a Buy button if applicable. Or you can include a contact form so visitors can contact you for a quote. Either way, be sure to include contact information or a link to your contact form on your About page. Make sure you place several prominent links to this page on your blog – in the sidebar and navigation bar and link to it from inside posts.

Use In-Post Links To Promote Yourself

Think of your Services and About pages like they were just another squeeze page or sales page you’d send visitors to and link to them inside your posts. After all, if you were promoting an affiliate product you’d link to these pages. The only difference is this time you’re promoting yourself.

Publish Testimonials

While testimonials by themselves aren’t usually enough to sway a buyer, the do help seal the deal. The content on your blog is the reader’s first point of contact and if it stands up to scrutiny then testimonials are like the icing on the cake.

Blog To Attract Clients

It’s important to remember your target audience when you’re blogging to promote your consulting services. For example, someone who’s thinking of hiring a consultant to help improve his SEO might search for “Benefits of Hiring an SEO Consultant”, or “How Do I Know When I Need Help With SEO?” or “Should I Hire A Professional SEO Consultant?” But he won’t be looking for articles like “How to Use Keywords To Attract More Traffic” or “Is Article Marketing Dead?” Think about the search terms people will use when they’re looking for someone who offers your service.

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