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Blog Communities: How to Kickstart Your Online Family

Every blogger wants their own community. This is simply a large group of readers that have opted to subscribe to your content. The benefits of having that community are great. You will have more value in your blog and you will find that it is much easier to produce an income with it. To make it simple, your success depends on having a vital community. The problem is that these communities do not just create themselves. They take work and diligence. You simply need to know how to get a jump start so that others are more enticed to subscribe and join in on the fun.

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The key to building a community of readers is to establish confidence in them. They want to know that they will receive valuable content and that it will be informative. Anyone can create and write a blog on virtually any topic. What your readers want is to know that they can trust you to provide them with the right content in a consistent manner. Unfortunately, they will not always know that simply by reading a few posts. They need to have more concrete proof that you are worth the time to subscribe.

One of the ways to prove this to them is to be an authority on the subject. If you can show your readers that you have expertise and are willing to share it with them then they will be more likely to stay around. After all, there are likely many websites on the same topic that can be visited. If your information does not back up your authority then you will likely lose your audience to one of those other websites. Since preventing this is your goal, make sure that you choose something you do have expertise in and that you can easily discuss in a way that showcases this.

Even with your authority, readers may be reluctant. No one likes to be the first one to do something. This is why it is important to have readers and commentators before you truly begin to market your blog. The absolute best way to do this is to turn to those you know. Many of your friends and family would enjoy subscribing and commenting on your blog to give you a head start. As people begin interacting and showing their faith in you, you will find that more and more people subscribe and believe in that faith.

If you work hard to build a solid reputation and create stellar content then you will find that your community begins to build on its own. That is the goal of every blogger. Often it takes only a few people showing their trust in you to establish that trust with new readers. Then you can focus on maintaining the quality that they have come to expect. Having a community is important. It increases your value and can positively affect your income. Spend some time building up that community and you will see far more success than you would achieve without it.


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  1. Anon

    It’s definitely true that if you can get people to interact with you on your blog, you are on the right path. That means that people are finding your content so engaging that they take the time to let you know. Or they are like me and just want people to know how smart they are by commenting all the time. :)

    1. Liz

      Oh you!! what a showoff!!! XP Besides, you’re not so smart mister smarty-pants.

  2. Jony

    It can be hard to measure success with a blog. There’s no real “I’ve made it” point. So in my opinion as far as you have readers and love what your writing, and for me personally if I feel like I’m helping people, that’s when I know that I have a great success on my hands.

  3. Mike

    You’re spot on about being an authority in your subject matter; if you’re not, people won’t give a damn about your writing unless you happen to be the funniest damn guy on the entire internet, and that’s probably not the case. Study up, write about what you know, and be consistent. Golden rules.

  4. John

    It’s true that without a reputation, you are nothing. And a big part of building that reputation is interaction. That’s what’s really going to get people on your side. Making them feel familiar with you by posting often, being on social media, and being accessible.

  5. Michelle

    I think growing a community is the most fun part of a job like this. I love meeting and connecting with new people that share my interests and views. That’s the beauty of the internet!

    1. Sarah

      I agree with this 100%, I mean we are all social animals. The whole point of getting exposure is literally to meet new people, and hope that they will become familiar enough with you that they will want to subscribe and become loyal fans and friends. The Internet is so vast, and everyone has the potential to be so connected, it’s all about getting out there and meeting new people!

    2. Gorman

      There’s actually a great book called The Social Animal. It provides some great insight into interactions between people and the science behind it. Your comment just made me think of it haha.

  6. Chris

    It’s funny, I was reading this post, and at the end there is a list of “related posts” and one of them said “Would You Read Your Own Blog.” It’s funny because that’s exactly what I was thinking. I want to have a blog that I would read myself, that way I know for a fact that if I would read it, there have to be others like me, with the same interests, that would read it too. It’s good to have a blog you can be proud of.

    1. Dana

      Oh I definitely agree with you on that. I don’t know how many times I question what I write, and have to ask myself, “Is this something I would enjoy reading?” If the answer is no, then it’s back to the drawing board.

  7. Samie

    Well-written. I think this is a great post, because the end goal of a blog really is to connect with people and grow in popularity. You’re obviously not going to be successful at either of those things if you don’t really have a community.

  8. Mitch

    This is some Grade-A advice, it’s really helping me out! I’m loving the new site too, brand new year brand new page. Very stylish.

  9. Liz

    It’s definitely a good idea to start with family and friends and try to spread it from there. Those will be the easiest to interact and get practice with. Plus they are always willing to help you out!

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