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We all know that it helps your business to comment on other blogs. You get that link back to your blog, you get to network with other bloggers and you have the opportunity to engage with other commenters. However, while we all know why we should be commenting, we rarely discuss what we shouldn’t do while we’re there. Here are seven things to avoid while leaving a blog comment. Especially if you want to get your comment approved.

better blog commenting

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Don’t Sign Your Comment

In most cases it’s not necessary to include your name at the end of your comment. Nearly all blogs have software that asks for your name and URL and your name shows up as a link at the top when your comment is posted. Adding your name at the end just makes you look like a Newbie who’s just learned that the Internet exists.

Don’t Copy And Paste

You might think you’re providing valuable information when you copy-and-paste a paragraph into your comment but what you’re actually doing is putting duplicate content on that blog, something the blog owner will surely not appreciate. It’s fine to provide relevant information but do so in your own words.

Don’t Be A Link Dropper

Like I said, in most cases you have the opportunity to provide your URL with your name before you leave your comment. If the other commentors want to find your blog they know to click on that link. Adding additional links inside your comment looks spammy and a lot of bloggers won’t even allow your comment – no matter how relevant and well-written.

Don’t Be Critical

It’s not your blog. Remember what your mother always said: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” If that doesn’t work, how about this: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” ‘Nuff said!

Don’t Be Irrelevant

If you want people to follow your link than you need to give them a reason. Leave relevant comments that add to the discussion, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and your comment probably won’t be approved anyway.

Don’t Leave One Or Two Word Comments

Some blogs have plugins installed that won’t even allow you to leave a comment unless you use a minimum number of words. If you haven’t run across this yet, you will. Others who aren’t using this plugin will simply delete your two-word comment before it even sees the light of day. Take a look around. How many “Nice post. Thanks!” comments have you seen lately? Not many, I’ll bet.

The purpose of leaving a comment is to show your knowledge about the topic so maybe, just maybe, some of those other commentors will come visit your blog.

Don’t Use Bold Or Italics

Using bold or italics to highlight a word or two is one thing, but not your whole comment. First, bold and italics are difficult to read when used for an entire block of text. Second, it’s just rude. You’re trying to steal the attention away from the blog post and it’s not your blog. Remember: If you want your comments to appear, then behave yourself. Otherwise they’re just going to get deleted.

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  1. Frederic Gonzalo

    Hello Steven,
    Awesome stuff here on this blog!
    Love your list here today, but I am a bit surprised you would include “Don’t be critical” in there. I presume you meant it as “Don’t be negative”, whereas most people tend to critique in a negative fashion?

    To me, being critical is essential, it’s pointing out what works, what doesn’t and providing arguments for or against the points made in the post or article. Thus, I actually think it’s important to be critical in the sense of being relevant. Not negative.

    Hope this makes sense?
    Keep up the good work and all the best in 2013!

    Cheers from Quebec City,

    1. Steven

      Bonjour Frederic, actually when I’m writing about “don’t be critical”, it’s mostly to write about Trolling and criticizing just for the sake of it. Read my posts for a while and you’ll see that I have nothing against being critical ;)

  2. Harvey Gardner

    Steven, these are excellent suggestions. We need more common courtesy on the Internet, not to mention information we can actually use. This post fill both needs.

    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Harvey. Courtesy is definitely something that people tend to forget online…

  3. Mike Ainsworth


    Great post…

    Never going to happen on your blog I’m sure but while on the “Don’t be critical” point I’ve seen people start their responses to blog posts with a “This is so stupid” which is not only patronising but suggests that they’re the only person whose view matters. That can really irritate!


    1. Steven

      Haters are gonna hate… When I receive this kind of comments, I just see if I can use it to make a point. If that’s not the case, I simply mark it as spam

  4. Kim Maiers

    Us “newbies” appreciate your expertise as we make our way into the virtual world. Maybe a book on Internet protocol is in order.

    1. Steven

      I’m always happy if I can be of any help

  5. Jan Hegelein

    Thank you for this post – so much of it is just common sense, a commodity we often leave behind when we are trying to promote ourselves! It is always helpful to take a step back and ask how will others perceive what I am posting? If we make it our ambition to enhance someone else’s blog and add relevant content pertinent to their discussions, all will benefit. I appreciated the warning against cutting and pasting – wise words to heed!Keep up the good work, appreciate all of the helpful tips and techniques!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Jan! I see so many comments where people just say: “great post, here is a somewhat related post I wrote:” followed by a url to their own blog…

  6. Renee Segal

    As a small business owner just in the wee stages of making an online appearance, this was very helpful. I shudder to think of all of the comments that I have signed with my name and how it must have looked.

    In reading the comment above, I agree with you about being crtical. I think it is important to comment on things and challange people. I have seen some scathing comments on blogs and it just isn’t nice.

    Again, thanks for the tips!!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Renee. Too often we forget that what we write on the internet will potentially stay there forever…

  7. Rodney Jones

    Hello Steven,

    You have once again provided another excellent post. I couldn’t agree more with what you have mentioned here as blogs should be designed for one to offer value and for others to comment in way that builds on that value. You are providing some good work on how best to work with social media.

    1. Steven

      Thanks you Rodney. I’m really trying my best to provide value for all the people who are visiting my blog :)

  8. Pinny


    Enjoyed reading your post, simple and logic advice that is often overlooked. As I say The more the obvious the more the oblivious.

  9. Anthony Kpodo

    With this highly educative and excellent posts, I don’t know what we are going to review after all and grab the $200. Unless it’s all about only praises. Thank you once again, Steven, for this useful information. By the way, what about bringing the “Confirm you are NOT a spammer” box before the “ADD COMMENT” Box so that people may not click the Add Comment box before seeing it.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion Anthony

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