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A few years ago all it took to get your blog noticed was some really great content and a pretty design. These days, there are millions of nice-looking blogs all over the Internet and killer content is everywhere. Now, it takes a little more effort to make your blog stand out from the crowd. Here are 10 ways to brand your blog or website efficiently, right from the start.

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1/ Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish

Always have a clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish with your blog. For example, if your goal is to use your website to promote your handmade wedding invitations then you need to focus on that and avoid blogging about birthday party invitations. Accomplish one goal first, and then add in another.

2/ Define your target audience

It’s even more important that you identify your target audience. For example, if you’re a using your website to promote your article writing service then it’s not really helping your cause to blog about writing tips – you’re not looking for people who want to learn how to write. Instead you should be blogging about the benefits of outsourcing your content, the benefits of article marketing, and the benefits of using ebooks to promote your website.

3/ Be consistent with your message

No matter where you’re communicating, be consistent with your message. When you’re in the social networks, on your blog, in your article marketing efforts – all should say the same thing to the same audience.

4/ Have a unique logo

It pays to create a unique logo for your website to help you stand out from the crowd. So many blogs use similar themes these days and unique logo gives your visitors something to focus on.

5/ Create a favicon

A favicon is that little image that shows up when you bookmark a site – just another way to set your site apart visually. There are several WordPress plugins that allow you to change your favicon.

6/ Match your theme to your message

There are some really awesome WordPress themes out there, both free and premium. Plus, there are some genius designers who can create custom themes for your site, no matter what platform you’re using. If you have the money, it pays to have a custom theme designed, simply because it’ll be unique. Remember, though, you’re going to live with this design for a very long time so lean toward classic marketing designs as opposed to trendy designs.

It’s also important to remember that your theme should compliment your content, not overwhelm it. A theme that’s too flashy or colorful will distract your readers.

7/ Use the same color scheme throughout

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, stick to it. Pepsi has always been red, white and blue. The Jolly Green Giant has always been green. Your want people to see your color scheme or logo and immediately identify it with your website.

8/ Use the name of your website on social media profiles

When you want to see what Pepsi’s up to on Facebook or Twitter you do a search for “Pepsi”, not “John Smith.” Use the name of your website across the social networks, not your own.

9/ Spend money to make money

Understand that you’re eventually going to have to spend money to make money. You’ll want a professionally designed logo, a custom theme and you’ll want to pay for some good, old-fashioned advertising. Maybe not in the beginning, and maybe not all at once, but soon you’re going to have to spend some money.

10/ Realize it’s a numbers game

It’s important to understand that you’re operating on a much larger scale than if you’d opened up a brick and mortar store in your little home town. You will never have 100% of all the available traffic, it’s just not possible. But you can continue to grow your traffic by extending your reach into every corner of the Internet. Join social networks, create content that encourages sharing, and engage new groups wherever you find the opportunity.

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  1. Kevin Payne

    This was a great article that provided a overview of online branding. I wanted to add that when looking for you target market look into SEO and keyword tools. This is the most effective way to check to see if there’s anyone in your potential target markets.

    1. Steven

      Good suggestion Kevin

  2. Steve Creek

    Great post! Now I need to get started on a favicon.

    1. Steven

      Thanks Steve! Getting your favicon is really not so complicated and it’s always a nice addition to your branding :)

  3. Timothy Isle

    Completely agree. This is a great post!

    1. Steven

      Thank you Timothy

  4. Kc @ Genxfinance

    This is a good guideline. Exactly what I would have done. But these needs thorough thinking and a lot of decisions should be made. Proper planning is needed in order for you to succeed.

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