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Do you backup your blog regularly? When I first started blogging, I didn’t. I didn’t even know what backup meant. I was blogging for two years before I realized just how important it is and I can vividly remember the day I learned my lesson – The day my blog crashed! Here’s why you need to backup your blog on a regular basis and a few tips about how to do it.

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You think your blog is infallible. You’re using a quality theme with good, clean coding. You’ve installed plugins to make it secure from scammers and hackers. And you’re using one of the top web hosting companies to support everything.

But each time you install or delete a plugin, each time you accept that update download for your theme or WordPress or a plugin, and each time there’s a change in browsers, there’s a good possibility your blog will be affected. It might be a small change like a misaligned image. Or maybe you lost a few posts out of your archives. It may be a bigger change that allows hackers to gain access, which recently happened to a good friend of mine. But it could be all-inclusive and literally wipe out your blog.

In my case, I had installed a series of plugins that were interconnected and I’d decided I wanted to remove one. Not all, just one. As soon as I hit the delete button my entire blog disappeared from the Internet. Two full years of blood, sweat and blog posts, gone, with the click of a button.

I immediately contacted a computer-savvy friend and of course, her first response was, “Just reinstall it from your backups.” What?! What’s a backup? And if I have one – How do I install it? Thankfully, I was using BlueHost and they were able to help me out.

Turns out, BlueHost automatically backs up my blogs every month and I didn’t even know it. And their support personnel were kind enough to look at my database, find the problem and fix it. Within about 30 minutes, BlueHost had my blog back online and you can bet your boots I learned a little more about backing up my blog that day.

I’m not sure about any of the other hosting companies but if they’re anything like BlueHost they regularly back up your entire database. BlueHost does it weekly and if you supply your email address they’ll send you a weekly notification letting you know that everything went well or letting you know there’s a problem.

With that backup information it’s easy enough to upload your whole database back onto the server, should there be a catastrophe, and most hosting companies offer support to help you through the process.

You can also manually back up your database by entering through your hosting control panel but that’s a technical process that deserves its own blog post. For now, the important point is to regularly back up your blog. Because you never know when disaster will strike.

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  1. George From Seekdefo

    I didn’t know that BlueHost did that. But how do i back up without BlueHost. Shed some more light please

    1. Steven

      more light on what? the post is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

  2. George From Seekdefo

    I mean if a person isn’t using BlueHost then how would he back up? Are there any paid plugins or services which allow one to take a back up

    1. Steven

      There are a lot of possibilities: wordpress plugins that will backup your database (but not your files), asking your webhost to set full weekly backups, premium plugins such as VaultPress that do real-time backup of all your blog

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