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In this article I’m going to cover three tips to keep first-time visitors on your blog longer so they see more of your killer content, with the goal of converting them into loyal readers. Your homework, then, will be to use these tips to make your blog more sticky for visitors. Are you up to the challenge? Good! Let’s get started.

What Does It Mean To Make People Stick Around Your Blog?

First-time visitors generally arrive on your blog via a link, either a link in a search engine index or a link that was shared with them by another blogger or someone they follow in one of the social networks or bookmarking sites.

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These visitors come to your blog with one specific question in mind based on the title of your post. But we all know that one question often leads to another. Your goal, then, is to keep those first-time visitors from going back to their search engine for the answer to their next question. You want to keep them on your blog and show them that you have all the answers they’ll ever need.

But blogs can be confusing. Even the best-designed blogs have all those links and categories in the sidebars, all those different pages in the navigation bar, and once the content drops off the front page and into the archives it’s almost impossible for the visitor to find what he’s looking for. For most searchers it’s just easier to go back to their search engine with their next question.

When you take steps to make your blog “sticky” you’re making it easier for those first-time visitors to find more of your high-quality relevant content so they don’t have to leave your blog. As a result, you turn first-time visitors into loyal readers who come back every time you publish a new post. These repeat visitors are more likely to leave comments and share your content with their friends. They’re also more likely to turn into buyers.

Three Tips To Help People Stick to Your Blog

Create an “About” Page: One of the first things first-time visitors look for when they’re deciding if they want to follow your blog is your “About” page.

Optimize Popular Posts: Go to your analytics to find out which of your posts are most popular and optimize those posts by adding links to relevant content inside the post and related articles links at the end. You’ll also want to make sure you have a strong call to action on these pages.

Create Starting Point Posts: If you blog attracts readers of different skill levels, or you address different topics, give everybody a place to start. Create starting point posts for beginners and experts, or knitters and crocheters. Include links to important posts that each group should see.

Three More Quick Tips:

  1. Create series posts
  2. Install a plug-in to automatically check for broken links
  3. Make sure all navigation links are prominently displayed

Spend today making your blog more attractive for your readers and when you’re done, come back here and share your own tips with the rest of us.

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