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I know, right now you see nothing but rainbows and lollipops when you look at your blog but trust me, there will come a time when you just want to reach out and kill it.

It’s true.

Every blogger, at some point, decides it’s time to kill a blog.

Get your tissues, folks, because I’m going to talk about Death – the death of your blog.

I know it’s hard to believe but every day, all over the Web, there are bloggers killing their blogs. Some put them down gently and painlessly like a beloved pet and others wear Michael Myers masks, laughing maniacally as they hack their blogs to pieces with a machete.

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Why? Well, sometimes they’re just angry, but most of the time these bloggers have a very good reason for killing their blogs.

Reality Sets In

Sometimes blogging is like a relationship. You meet someone at the pub, you fall in lust, and you spend every waking (and non-waking!) minute together for about three or four weeks. Then suddenly, reality sets in. You realize you haven’t seen your friends for a while, you’re constantly checking to make sure the toilet seat is either up or down (depending on your gender), and you haven’t held the remote control for the TV in your own hand since you met this person.

It’s just too much. You’re not ready for a “commitment.” It’s time to kill this person… erm… blog!

Life Gets In The Way

A friend of mine spent the last three years trying to decide if he wanted to stay with his full-time job or quit and go full-time with his blogging. Every time he’d get ready to quit his boss gave him another promotion and just enough of a raise to keep him behind his desk.

Life just sometimes gets in the way. You’re posting along every day and something happens to make you skip a day or two. It might be something good and it might be something awful but either way, suddenly, it’s not quite as imperative that you post because there’s something more important that you have to do. Eventually, you decide it’s time to kill your blog and put it out of its misery.

Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me…

Deep dark depression, excessive misery….” Remember that song from “Hee-Haw?” Sometimes bloggers just fall into a pit of despair or depression. They’ve been working their tail off and, for whatever reason, their blog just isn’t performing like they thought it would. Once you fall prey to gloom and despair it becomes almost impossible to pull yourself up. You develop blogger’s block and you can’t write, and when you do it sounds so horrible you readers run away screaming. When they reach this point, many bloggers just decide it’s time to kill their blog and move on.

The Passing Of A Trend

Sometimes it’s not the blogger’s fault at all, it’s those fickle buyers out there in the marketplace. Trends come and go, products are replaced with something “New and Improved“, manufacturers and advertisers merge or disappear, your audience flits from one social network to another, and then Google steps in on top of everything else with another algorithm change that knocks you completely off the index. If it’s on it’s last legs and there’s no sign of hope, better to kill it, bury it, and move on.

There are probably a few other reasons why a blogger would want to kill his blog, but you get the picture. If it’s not working out it’s sometimes better to kill it. But you don’t necessarily have to kill it right away, and sometimes it’s best not to kill it at all.

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  1. Patricia Haag

    Interesting post. My first blog is still out there starving to death. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started and it became a big mishmash. Better to just ignore it and start fresh.

    Even with more knowledge and insights, a blog is still a challenge. Thanks for this post.

  2. Frances Palaschuk

    Hi Steven, I agree that “sometimes bloggers just fall into a pit of despair or depression”. I know first hand because it’s happened to me a few times!

    I start off all energetic, full of ideas, and write up a storm and then bam… The big, bad dark cloud hits.

    I am thinking about killing one blog right now and am on the verge of launching another… Can’t wait for your next post series to learn more.

  3. Mimzy Wimzy

    Life. Definitely life. When a mandatory filter dictating what parts of your life you can and can’t post about is set upon you, you get stuck. Welcome to my world.

  4. Deborah Main

    I’m glad to see a post on this subject and anxious to see part 2. We made a big transition for us a year ago from a monthly newsletter to a blog. It took me awhile to start blogging but once I did I found I liked it. I’m a talker by nature and it felt like the right time to make transition. But now that life sometimes does get in the way and we cant seem to find real time to spend on blogging, when we’d rather create pillows, its hard to justify the time. We have plenty of content so thats not the issue. So were stepping back to reevaluate all our social media to see which ones really work best for our studio. And w/Pinterest growing and more opps to do mini posts on FB….and other oppa to connect w/followers like on Olioboard or Houzz….we wonder if its something we really nees to spend time on. In a perfect world I’d LOVE too…cause its so fun to write about what interests you, what inspires you and a great way to keep in dialogue w/our followers. But I know we cant compete w/professional bloggers so we wonder if its really a best use of our time. I know that if we didnt have the pressure of knowing that social media is important we’d be happier making pillows and providing great customer service vs. Blog posts. Would love any feedback. Perhaps our time would be better spent on Pinterest?? Its hard to know which ones to pick when as small biz you dont have luxury of analyzing everything all the time. But we are taking some time to do that and would appreciate any feedback. If we have hard time keeping up and cant do it to the quality and regularity we’d like to, it seems perhaps we should kill it. Your thoughts??

  5. Mickey Garrote

    Thought provoking post, what fascinates me is when a blogger kills or gently drops his or her blog when it’s a successful one. Looking forward to your upcoming post on the subject.

  6. Naomi

    Another blog killer is unreliable hosting. I was unwilling to spend enough when I started this time around and what happened was on the back end, I could not create blog entries or do anything and on the front end, the blog was often not even there! That’ll kill it out both from no content/no will to write (what’s the point) and readers never even getting to read your wonderful content!

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