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Blog Appearance: Dress Your Blog for Success

You’ve heard the sayings “The clothes make the man” and “Dress for success” and “If you want to be the boss, act like that boss and you’ll get the job.” Think of your blog as your work attire. It’s the first thing, and in most cases the only thing, that people see that they can connect with you. In that blogging world that connection is crucial. Since you only get one chance to make a good first impression, here are some tips to help you dress your blog for success.

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The Theme: The theme you choose should be a frame for your content, a backdrop, something that doesn’t overpower the content. Think of it like a photo album. A photo album allows you to organize your photographs so your friends and family can more easily view them. When you get right down to it, that’s exactly what your theme does, it organizes your content and presents it for easy online viewing.

Choosing a flashy theme may distract your readers and you don’t want them visiting your blog because you have the coolest theme on the Internet. You want them to visit because you have the best content. But they won’t know that if they’re distracted by your theme. “Nuff said. Let’s move on…

The Colors: Scientific studies have shown that colors have a psychological effect and believe it or not this carries over into blogging. The best color scheme for your blog? Blue and yellow because blue makes your visitors feel peaceful and yellow makes them feel cheerful and sunny. Blue and orange are another good combination, and green and yellow, too. Red, however, is not a good color because it makes your visitors feel subconsciously cautious.

There have even been studies conducted on font colors, and heading colors and even the colors you use to designate links. Just a few years ago the folks at Chrome did a study which showed an 80% increase in click throughs when they used #0044CC blue for their links. Yes, color play an important role in your blog design.

Look To The Big Bloggers: I’m a bit of a rebel at heart and I hate to follow trends. I’d much rather be a trend setter. However, men have been wearing the traditional dark suit/white shirt/striped tie combination in boardrooms for generations and there’s a reason for that: It works. Look at your competitors and those Big Bloggers you admire and see what their blogs look like. I’m not saying you need to copy them font-for-font and color-for-color, but if it works for them it will probably work for you, too.

Brand yourself with your content: Don’t worry about disappearing in the crowd. Remember, your readers will come because of your content, not because of the cute little puppies on your header. Distinguish yourself from you peers with the quality of your content and soon, everyone will be stopping by to see how they can emulate you.

Nobody wants to be a copycat and we all know rebels who’ve bucked the system and become a huge success. Tut it only makes sense – swimming upstream while the rest of the gang is swimming down means you’re going to have to work harder to make that good first impression and keep those visitors coming back. You have enough to do already. Why not go with something you already know works?


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  1. Yvonne I Wilson

    Hi I am new here. I stumbled upon this via @Deone Higgs on twitter…glad I did. Excellent tips and thank you for sharing them. I am a newbee to blogging – 1 year to be exact. It has been an incredible journey for. So much to learn.

    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot for the nice words Yvonne, and welcome on Dukeo :)

  2. Triin

    I find this article very helpful! I already changed the colour of my links to blue and it looks relly good. My blog colours are orange/beige/yellow and blue looks good with those:)

    1. Steven

      Well done, Triin. Let me know when you make other changes on your blog.

  3. Jonathan Moore

    This certainly constitutes food for thought! I was planning to give my blog a facelift, and this article has backed up my decision!!

    1. Steven

      I’m glad to hear that Jonathan. Once you get done with the facelift, drop me a mail and I’ll take a look around.

  4. Sunil

    Very well articulated insights and tips for young bloggers. Valid for both, personal and official blogs. Wear your attitude, show your aptitude.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Sunil

  5. Kumar Gauraw

    Great tips for new bloggers. Things that work are definitely worth following. I liked the idea.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Eli@coachdaddy

    Love the clarity in this piece. I’ve become a big fan of what you’re doing here.

    I like to give my blog a seasonal facelift, and just did one for Spring. Would you mind checking it out and letting me know what you think?


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