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Beyond Mailing List: The Real Money is Hidden There

If you’ve been working online for any length of time at all you’ve heard that worn-out marketing spiel that says ‘The Money is in the List.‘ It’s old, it’s tired and it’s misleading. The money is not ‘in the list‘. The money is in what you do with your list. If you want to make the real money, you need to see beyond ‘the list‘.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work to generate a marketing list. And a lot of bloggers have spent a lot of money paying for products that tell them how to generate that list. Those same bloggers put in the time and do all the work and then turn right around and kill the list they’ve worked so hard to generate. Here’s what you need to do with your mailing list to make the real money.

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Target your subscribers: It’s not enough to have a list of email subscribers. You need to send them relevant information. And to do that, you need to target your list. For example, on your blog you might be promoting hair care products and skin care products. Some of your subscribers will be interested in both and some may only be interested in one or the other. Rather than risk alienating half or your list by sending them information they’re not interested in, generate 2 different lists.

Subscribers who constantly receive email that contain information they’re not interested in will eventually unsubscribe, and there goes half your list.

Deliver on your promises: You probably promised your readers something in exchange for their email address. Make sure you deliver on your promise. Especially if you promised them a constant flow of information, like a newsletter.

Stop selling: Your readers didn’t subscribe to your list because you told them you’d be sending them promotional emails every other day. If they’d known that, they probably never would have subscribed. So stop doing it. Your emails should be informative and engaging, just like a blog post or an article. Send you readers to a sales page when you want to sell them something, don’t do it with your emails.

Be consistent: People are very protective of their email inboxes, and it’s no wonder with the amount of spam that arrives every day. If you don’t consistently contact your subscribers it won’t take long for them to forget your name. Next thing you know, your email will either be hitting their spam folder or they’ll unsubscribe. So it’s important to be consistent and send frequently.

A good rule of thumb is to send an email every day for the first 7 days someone is on your list. And then follow it up with an email every 3 days for the first month. After that, an email every 4 days will keep your name fresh in your subscriber’s mind.

Improve your open rate: You worked hard to generate that list. Don’t let it dwindle away to nothing. When you notice your open rate start to drop you need to find out why. If it drops drastically, it’s time to take action.

Put up a special post on your blog informing your readers that you’re about to send out something really awesome in your next email and you want to make sure they see it. Tell them exactly what day it will arrive and warn them to check their spam folders if they don’t see it. That should take care of a lot of the problem.

Write killer titles: If you’re still having open problems, take a look at your subject line. Treat your email titles the same way you do your post titles – use keywords and make them exciting. Let your subscribers know exactly what they’re going to find when they open your email and they won’t be so afraid to open.

Engage your subscribers: You’re not generating a list so you can have a place to send your affiliate links. You’re generating a list because it creates an even stronger bond between you and your readers. Use your emails to engage your subscribers. Ask them what they’d like to see on your blog. Send them to interesting content you find elsewhere on the web. Send them birthday greetings and a coupon for a discount on your ebook. But don’t send them a sales pitch!

Remember, when you learn to look beyond ‘the list‘ and bond with your subscribers, that’s when you’ll start to make the real money.


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