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Having an online business takes work. In the beginning it can mean long hours spent poring over that work. One of the down sides is that you can neglect your own health in the process. It may not seem like a big deal to ignore small health problems, but in the long-term you can see significant problems from it. It is always wise to focus your energy on making sure that your health stays top on your list. When you have good health you are able to work harder and produce a better income.

better health making more money online

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The fact is that when you feel down or sluggish you are not accomplishing as much as you think you are. Even though you are working, your production is lowered and your work is not the quality that you often expect to give. If you are battling a small health problem, or especially if you are battling a large health problem, you will find that it takes a toll on your life and your business. When you do not keep your quality and production up then you will see less profit from your business.

Over time those health problems could increase significantly if you have ignored them. This could cause you to be unable to work at all. Whether you simply need time off to recuperate or have to stop working to battle a health concern, you will find that the effects can be detrimental to your business. When you cannot work at all then you are leaving your business uncared for and you are impacting your financial life substantially. This is why taking care of your health from the beginning should be a priority. If you have plans in place for when you are not feeling well then you will not see such a problem from caring for yourself.

It may seem hard in the beginning because as an entrepreneur you likely do not have health insurance. This may mean taking some money out of your pocket to handle health care needs. While it often seems that this expense is expendable, if you want the ability to purchase health care and be able to truly care for your needs then it is dire that you be able to work. This will not happen if you ignore your health in order to complete that work.

Taking care of yourself should always be your top priority. If you are not healthy then you will not accomplish nearly any of the goals you have set forth for yourself. This not only impacts your personal life, but can also significantly harm the business you have worked so hard to build. Your best bet is to always pay attention to your health, make sure that you get the proper care and develop a plan in the event that you are unable to work for several days. By being prepared and focusing your concern on yourself, you are ensuring that your business will last the long term and your health will as well.


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  1. Bbrian017

    Hello Steven , great article. It’s not often many people take the overall health into consideration and put it towards blogging. I imagine having health issue would take a huge toll on your concentration and efforts put into the blog. When you have real life issues to worry about its defiantly going to affect what we do online with our blogs. Heath first, everything else importation in your life second and then last but not least blogging.

    1. Steven

      To put it in simple words, when you don’t have health, everything else falls apart…

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