Better Blog Commenting Essential Tips and Techniques

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Better Blog Commenting: Essential Tips and Techniques

It’s no secret that commenting on blogs can net you a greater percentage of traffic. Others who view those comments will often travel to the links you provide and check out what you have to offer. This could be either good or bad for your blog. If you have used these comments in a positive way then you will find that the traffic you get is beneficial to your business. If you have not, then you may gain an increase of traffic and never see a conversion on that rate. The key is to know exactly how to work those comments so that you can gain the most from all of the traffic that is directed to your site.

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The first step is to make sure that your link is beneficial. Many people use the first link that comes to their mind, which is often their homepage. While this does give the reader access to your blog, it does not show them why they would find it interesting. The fact is they found you on a specific blog post. You need to show them what is similar on your site to the post they were reading. Link them that relevance and they will be much more likely to stick around.

However, you have to first get them to click the link. This will not happen if your post is not attractive to them. Something simple and mundane will likely get bypassed. Show your knowledge. Provide useful information that makes them take notice of you. Always do this in a positive way and you will see a greater number of people click that link. If you say negative things or simply add a couple of words as an excuse to throw a link in then your comment will never get the attention you are wanting.

The things you want to avoid are just as important as the things you want to pay attention to. You cannot focus your comments on negativity. This may draw traffic to your blog, but it will not be the traffic you want and it will never produce an income for you. You do not want to focus comments on things you know nothing about. Again, it will not bring the right traffic. You want to expand someone’s knowledge and show yourself as an authority on the subject. This may take surfing posts to find a relevant one, but it can be done.

Using blog commenting to bring in traffic is nothing new. It can be a very effective tool and can produce traffic that converts to mailing list and blog subscribers. If you sell products you may even see your sales increase. You simply have to know how to use these comments correctly. If you do so then you will see significant benefits and be glad that you spent time commenting on various blogs. Focus on blogs similar in style and subject to yours and you should find that capturing new audience members is much simpler than you expected.


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  1. Dana

    It’s always been my rule to never focus on the negative. It has always been and will always be bad business. Positivity is always the best policy!

  2. Affmaster

    Link traffic is always a little tricky, and you’re absolutely right, they won’t click the link unless you really build it up right. But also if the link they click really doesn’t help or interest them at all, then you may have lost a reader.

  3. Gorman

    These are some great pointers. This is something I really need to get myself into doing more often! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Buysellwordpress

    If you’d like to have more traffic because of a huge number of comments, then you should think a lot about how to provide your readers with interesting and topical content

    1. Steven

      Isn’t that partially what I’m already doing? ;)

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