Best Content Should I Guest Blog It, Or Keep It on My Blog?

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Best Content: Should I Guest Blog It, Or Keep It on My Blog?

With guest blogging becoming such a popular method for promoting your blog more and more bloggers are asking where they should publish their best content – on their blog or on the blog their guest blogging for. Initially, my gut reaction was to tell them that no matter where you publish it should always be your “best content.” However, let me get a little more specific here, because there’s more to it than that.

I’m a regular guest blogger on several blogs and websites and I have other places I publish, including Squidoo, Hubpages and a few different article directories. So no matter what type of content I write there’s always some place where I can publish it.

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All of these other properties and websites have an audience base that would be interested in my content but each audience is a little bit different. So, instead of asking where I should publish my best content, I ask myself “Where is the best place to publish this content to get the results I want?”

Content for traffic generation: Of course, the hope is that all the content you create falls under the “shareable content” category but we know that’s not always the case. Shareable content includes videos, infographics, and information-packed lists posts.

Bookmarkable content: Bookmarkable content is typically detailed How-To articles or long, comprehensive lists posts, articles that can’t be read and absorbed in one sitting. I place this type of content on my own blog because if people are going to be bookmarking so they can come back again, I want them coming back to my blog, not someone else’s.

Blogging contests: When I enter blogging contests I also like to use guest blogging to promote that contest entry so I publish on the properties or blogs with the highest traffic.

News-type content: If I have news-type content I publish on a site that might have access to Google News or a site that gets traffic from webmasters who are interested in new technology. For example, when Google has a new update I might write a guest blog post about it and either submit it to a friend who writes for, which has access to Google News, or I’ll submit it to one of the technology blogs I write for. Again, I’m looking for the best source of traffic.

Content for Linkbuilding: If I’m writing for linkbuilding purposes then I’ll choose the site with the highest ranking that will allow the type of content I’m publishing. In some cases, I might not be able to use an article directory because of what I’m linking to, so I’d go with Squidoo or Hubpages.

All of your content should be your “best content”, no matter where you publish it. But before you publish, think about the results you want to achieve with that content. Are you trying to get direct traffic, referral traffic or organic traffic, or are you after the link juice? For link juice and referral traffic you’ll have to publish somewhere else. For organic and direct traffic, publish on your blog.


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  1. Steve Maclellan

    I recently stared submitting articles to sites that have a greater PR than mine. At this point — it doesn’t take much. (My site only has a PR of 1 right now.) But some of these are content sites so the articles they select to publish aren’t the same ones you would use to help monetize your site.

    I’m not bothering with Squidoo or Hubpages right now. For the keywords I’m targeting, and the websites who are ranking ahead me, they aren’t a factor. If I can get my PR up to 4 or better, than I’ll be ahead of the game.

    1. Steven

      Best of luck with that, Steve! Keep me posted on your progress. I always love a good success story.

  2. Martina


    I think the answer depends to some extent on the factors that you listed at the end of the post.
    I think it also depends on the subject matter. I completely agree that you should always publish your best stuff, no matter where it is, but for those things that fall outside of the niche you are trying to drive your traffic to and through may be best served on other blogs.

    For instance, if you wanted to do a piece about art, not related to seo in any way, you might want to consider guest posting it on a blog that it well known for that. Some of the traffic will come back to you, but you will also begin to be seen as someone with a broader repertoire.

    1. Steven

      I think you are addressing another issue Martina: how focused does your content need to be?

      If you have a blog about SEO, you shouldn’t even consider writing 1 post about Art, whether on your own site or on another one. It’s just a waste of time and energy.

      In the case that you post it on your own blog, your readers will be like “WTF?” because it’s totally unrelated to what they expect from you. If you guest post it on another blog, people will click back to your site and they will be like “WTF?” because they would expect a blog about Art.

      In both cases, you’re not gaining any more readers, so you just wasted your energy.

      If you really want to write about Art, ask yourself if this is something you want to write about on a regular basis. If that’s the case, create a new blog targeted only at the Art niche; if not, just forget it and keep it for later.

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