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When someone is being ‘Up Front’ with you that generally means they’re being openly honest, they want to put all their cards on the table so you can see they’re not trying to cheat you. The expression is often used to imply that the speaker is going to great lengths, perhaps even risking their job or life, to be utterly transparent, and they’re doing it for your benefit. But it generally means they’re being transparent because they realize it’s their last resort, it’s the only way they can get what they want. How can the art of being up front help you make money online?

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being upfront make more money

Various blogging information sources around the Web will tell you that the average reader has to see or read something on the Internet at least 7 to 10 times before they’ll feel comfortable enough to click the buy button. It takes them that many visits to develop a feeling of trust about you, your site, and the product or service you’re promoting.

To try to minimize that number most bloggers combine email marketing and a series of landing pages to try to win their readers over, with each email and sales page giving a progressively more direct sales pitch.

But if you think about it, what is it that entices you to buy? When you’re considering making a purchase in the offline marketplace a pushy salesman couldn’t drag your wallet out of your pocket with a crane. In most cases it’s not the sales pitch that puts you in the buying mood, it’s the connection you make with the sales person. And that connection doesn’t usually click into place until the sales person whisks off his glasses and says:

Look. Let me put all my cards on the table, here. I’m gonna be totally up front with you. I’m not supposed to tell you this but here’s the reason I really think you should buy this now.

BOOM! Connection made! Where’s that wallet?!

The sales person has essentially admitted that everything he’s told you up to this point has been just so much promotional B.S. which YOU are obviously too smart to fall for. (He’s stroked your ego.)

He’s now going to be transparent, even though it puts him at some personal risk. (He’s thrown himself on your mercy.)

And he’s going to break the transaction down to address one specific reason why YOU need to buy THIS product NOW. (He’s made you feel special and unique and he’s reminding you of your own specific urgent need.)

Learning the art of being up front will help you make more money online. You’ve already seen it work with your own offline purchases. Being up front with your readers establishes that connection quicker than 8 or 10 sales pages ever could. And it’s a much more powerful connection, too, because it’s based on transparency and trust. At least from the viewpoint of the buyer.

We’ve all seen those sales pages that scroll on for miles before they get to the point. They address every possible pain point and list every possible feature and benefit. They drag on and on and at one time they really did work. If your content was compelling enough to keep the reader on the page until the very end you knew you had a buyer.

Buyers are smarter now and there are a lot more Internet distractions. If you’re paying attention you’ve probably noticed changes in sales pages now, too. They’re getting shorter. Some even have a video instead of a mile or two of text and bullet points. But they still have the same basic content – promotional gimmickry. Even though the page may be shorter the connection still isn’t being made any faster.

Instead of trying to razzle-dazzle your reader with videos and flashing buy buttons, be up front with your reader. Put your cards on the table right at the top of your sales page and tell them what you’re really offering. Use keywords and create multiple sales pages to address one specific need so your reader feels like you’re addressing him personally.

A good sales page eliminates all the obstacles that might prevent the reader from clicking the buy button. And one of those obstacles is your hard-hitting sales pitch, believe it or not. Imagine if you made all of that text transparent and just laid your cards on the table. Try it yourself and you’ll see that practicing the art of being up front will help you make more money.


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