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I remember when I first started blogging there were all these SEO rules about keyword placement and keyword density and when to use long-tails.

Bloggers used to actually count 100 words and insert the keyword, count another 100 words and insert the keyword, all the way to the end of the post.

Do you really need to be that crazy about SEO?

Maybe you did then, but not anymore.

This is the only SEO your blog posts need…

A Keyword In The Title

If your titles are easy for the searcher to read and understand, then you really only need to use your exact keyword or long-tail keyword in the title.

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If you can place it toward the beginning of the title it helps, but only because some search engines cut off the end of your titles in their indexes, especially if they’re too long.

The search engines are much more sophisticated today than they were in the past.

Today they recognize synonyms, so your title might be “How To Create Killer Blog Content” and it would also appear in the index if someone searches for “How To Write Great Blog Posts.

A problem arises, though, when you try to play word games with your title and your message isn’t clear for the searcher…

If your title is “How To Use Your Sword To Kill Your Visitors” – a play on the ol’ “The pen is mightier than the sword” thing – your post might also appear if someone’s conducting a search for recent murder statistics.

It’s nice that you post appears on more indexes, but it’s just going to make that searcher angry when he lands on your post about how to write killer titles.

He’ll bounce away fast, which increases your bounce rate and harms your blog’s ranking.

High-Quality, Valuable Content

If you’re consistently creating high-quality, valuable content – which includes a well-written title – then exact keywords and keyword placement aren’t really a major issue anymore because the search engines recognize synonyms and context.

Assuming you use the title “How To Write Great Blog Posts” the search engines are going to make the connection when you talk about “killer content” or “articles” instead of using the words “blog posts.

They’ll pick up synonyms for the word “write,” too.

This allows you to write content that sounds more natural for your readers without worrying about whether or not the search engines are going to understand what your post is about.

In other words, instead of writing for the search engines, you can now focus on creating content that engages your readers.

In the end, the only SEO you really need for your blog posts is a keyword in your title and some killer content.

By creating high-quality, engaging content, you’re actually helping your SEO because this is the type of content that your readers will share and other bloggers will link to.

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  1. Bill Balena

    I always hated the rule that said I had to use my article keywords in the first line of my post preferably in the first few words. Talk about unnatural sounding prose. With Panda, I can now concentrate on content. Hooray!

    I use Scribe SEO plugin. I now score 100% across the board by just writing. It’s a better experience for the reader, not to mention for the writer as well.

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