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better blog commenting

Thanks! Great post!

One line comments send up an immediate red flag. You didn’t bother to read the post, you don’t care about reading the post and you’re only there to drop a link. Of course you’re going to get blocked. You look like a spammer. And you probably are.

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You’re just rude

Whether you agree with other commentors or not, that blog doesn’t belong to you and you have no right to be rude to other commentors. You’re just being a bully. Bloggers block bullies so they can make their regular, civilized followers feel more comfortable and safe. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Be a link dropper

Most blogs are set up to allow you to use your URL when you enter your name. That’s all the link juice you need. Don’t try to steal followers or link juice by adding html links inside the comment container.

Be off-topic

You may have the most eloquent comment that blogger has ever seen but if it’s not relevant to the blog post then they’re probably going to block it. So take your Viagra ad somewhere else.

Use a keyword in place of your name

Bloggers have to be very careful who and what they link out to these days. Google watches every single link. Do yourself a favor and, unless your mother really named you “Purple Socks for Boys,” just put your real given name in that box that says “Name.” Trying to sneak one by will just get you blocked.

Use bold and italics

Yeah, I know. If they didn’t want you to use HTML they should have disabled it. Well, they didn’t and you know better. Those bold paragraphs and italic headings are distracting and they’re not allowed. If you write a relevant comment people will get your messge.

Use all caps

On the Internet, using all caps usually indicates shouting. At the very least, it’s very difficult to read. Use the proper upper or lower case. It’s really much easier that way for everyone involved – including you. And as a bonus, you might not get blocked.

Call the blogger out

Attacking the blogger is wrong. Attacking other commentors is wrong. And if you want to start spewing about Freedom of Speech, remember – you’re not on your turf here and that blogger has a right to protect her visitors. If that means blocking your hate speech, so be it. Practice your freedom of speech on your own blog.

Use vulgarity

People use swear words in normal conversation all day long and they don’t mean anything negative by it at all. It’s just a part of their speech. But some people do find it offensive so try to control your urges. If you must, use little squiggly characters or dashes. The search engines look down on vulgarity so most bloggers block those types of comments.

Use words that trip the filter

Blah, blah, blah, VIAGRA, blah, blah, LOANS, blah, blah, blah, ACAI BERRIES, blah, blah, blah” Nope. It won’t work. Those words won’t make it past the filters. And even if they do, your comment will be blocked. Sorry. Place your ads on your own blog. Bye now!

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  1. Csa

    Well, I have a doubt regarding the link dropping thing. For instance, I have added the link to my blog in the website box, then suppose if I want to add some more links that are relevant to the comments I will naturally do it right. Does that mean being a link dropper. Because I do that a lot. I try add my specific posts but not unless and until it is 100% relevant.

    1. Steven

      Yes, it means being a link dropper. For me to accept a link in the body of a comment, it would have to be HIGHLY relevant to the discussion, and on a trusted website. Most of the time, these links barely illustrate what’s being said and the comment could live by itself with the link. I usually delete them before publishing the comment. And if I see that happening too often by the same person, I’ll just flag them as spam.

  2. Bruno Gebarski

    Meghan Thank you: Brilliant! Etiquette, savoir-faire, avoiding the faux-pas of communication and bringing us the “dernier cri” of proper blogging communication! Thank you for reminding us that proper behavio(u)r, respect and manners are still valued and appreciated in this not so anonymous world we are living in! We are only a few “links away” and many forget that! I particularly appreciate: “This is NOT your blog”, which is so true! And yes a comment should emphasize the blogger’s article or add intelligence to it not vulgarity or self-praise. Thank you for this meaningful contribution and “ahoy” from Hamburg Germany to you Meghan!

    1. Steven

      Meghan?.. Who’s that? If you want to use the blog post writer’s name, at least get it right. To me it just looks like a failed attempt at being personal… Ok Matthew?

  3. Liza

    This pretty much says everything! Although I don’t really block them — I just delete the comment or don’t reply or something. And I don’t mind bold & italics when it’s here and there/for emphasis or something.

    I edit the keywords/”of so-and-so.ext” out of the names. If I don’t know their name/I can’t figure it out, then I change it to “Jane/John Doe”.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for sharing your experience Liza :)

      What people seem to forget is that a blogger’s time is precious because there are LOTS of things to do.

      In the past I used to make corrections to the comments. Nowadays, I just delete them of flag them as spam. If you don’t take time to write a proper comment, I don’t take time publishing it on my blog.

  4. Harvey (h-bomb's Worldwide Karaoke)

    Thanks! Great post! :) jk. I agree with most of these, but a couple of points: (1) I’ve occasionally used html coding when making comments, e.g., italics to emphasize a particular word just as if I was speaking. I don’t see anything wrong with that, as long as one doesn’t go overboard with it (and the “e.g.” itself in the preceding sentence probably should have been italicized). (2) One time, as part of a much longer comment, I included a link to a particular article of mine that spoke to a point made in the post I was commenting on. And once or twice, I’ve linked to other sites (not my own) where the particular page I was linking to was relevant to the discussion. Here again, I think the point is to be judicious and not abusive.

    1. Steven

      Most of the time, people drop a link to a blog posts that is only repeating what they just said in their comment.. Hence, no need for the link.

      Regarding the HTML formatting, I just don’t allow it on dukeo. All HTML is stripped from comments. To make a long comment easier to read, you can always break it into paragraphs and it doesn’t look as if you’re whoring for the reader’s attention. :)

  5. Tim

    When I go to someones site, it’s to check it out and I usually leave a comment because it gives the person feedback which i think is important. It’s ‘their time’ for a persons comment. I wouldn’t leave anything hurtfully negative but that’s me. I also do not read political posts I am anti-politics and I feel the U.S. is split too much like people rooting for rivals sports teams than looking at the seriousness of the situation. So, I avoid these like the plague; you get nowhere.
    As far as leaving my links or HTML, I just wouldn’t do but again that’s me. I know I get exposure from just leaving the comment itself and that’s enough for me. I’m not greedy. :-) I also try not and just tweet a post. I get lots of shares, but my website stats tell me that a lot of the people never went to the site in the first place, so feedback for me is minimal. It doesn’t help improve my writing or hear that people like what I produce.
    Anyway, great info here. Have a great weekend.

    1. Steven

      You sound like an insightful and humble person Tim. That’s absolutely the way to go if you want to make a living blogging! Congrats.

  6. Sara Fargoons

    Hi Steven,

    Leaving comments on other blogs is a great way of showing that you really appreciate what the blogger has published and you would also like to express your own thoughts on the topic. You have something valuable to say and you would like to share it with not just that particular blogger, but also with his or her audience.

    Sara Fargoons

    1. Steven

      You are totally right Sara!

      Blogging is not a one-way lecture. It’s all about interaction and discussion.

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