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In the business world your reputation is everything. You build this reputation slowly and you earn it along the way. The more successful you are or want to be, the more important it will be for you to have a positive image. The problem is that there are many ways that image can be destroyed. If you have not yet attained the success you desire, then destroying that image could prevent you from ever achieving that goal. A soiled reputation will quickly ensure that your business fails from the first moment. This is true whether you have a website selling products, write a blog or even offer your services for hire. What you may not realize that your reputation could be ruined online as easily as it is offline.

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Chances are that at some point in your life you heard the saying “You are judged by the company you keep.” You may have even noticed that it comes into play in your personal endeavors. The surprise comes when you realize that the saying can also be attributed to success in the business world. Your potential customers, clients, readers and fans will develop an opinion of you and much of that opinion will be based on the people that you choose to associate with. This is why it is vital that you choose your friends and associates carefully if you want to achieve success and maintain it for the long term.

Given the goals that you have you should always steer away from anyone with a shady history or reputation. That is quite simple when interacting personally with people face to face. What makes it difficult is when you are having those interactions online. You may want to believe that affiliations with shady characters online will not hurt you, but the fact is that it could hurt just as bad as your offline associations. If you are known to work with or utilize the services of someone that people generally do not trust, you will be looked as untrustworthy as well. However, knowing that you should not interact with those who are considered dishonest or to be crooks is the easy part. There is more to your associations than that.

Whenever you make a new personal or business associate it is important to look at their activities, reputation and success level. Then analyze your own situation and try and determine if you want others to view you as the associate is being viewed. Depending on your business, you may find that your friends should be looked as well. If you are comfortable with the reputation that your new association has achieved and you would be fine sharing that, then chances are you will not hurt your business by maintaining that connection.

Acquiring success means that you have no choice but to build a solid reputation. You will find that doing so helps you become successful much sooner. Knowing that your reputation could be ruined just as quickly by simply spending your time, money or energy with the wrong people will let you work harder at judging the character of your affiliations. There is a benefit to being judged by the company you keep. When you surround yourself with those who are highly regarded, you will be viewed as the same without much effort on your part.


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  1. Launch Beast

    Good post. Unforunately, I learned this the hard way. Associating with people who do less than ethical things in this industry can be extremely damaging. Since then, before working with people I decided that I was going to further investigate the people that I work with.

    Also – first time seeing your site. Awesome drawings, I have to say.

  2. Varghese David

    I agree that to build a brand, the relevance & credibility of your association with any company, product or organization matters a lot. If you make any grave mistake in choosing your associate, it will be a step towards your failure.

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