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Aweber PayPal Plugin: Integrate Your Email List With Paypal

As you know by now, AWeber is one of the most respected email marketing services around. AWeber is very popular with the email marketing community because of how easy it is to use, as well as the high delivery rates that it boasts.

A new plugin was added to AWeber which allows you to hook it up to PayPal. This means that every time someone sends you cash through PayPal, they’re automatically added to your list, and sent an opt-in email.

What use is this plugin?

Lots of people who make money online do so by using eBay. This plugin is great because each time a buyer completes checkout on eBay, they’re automatically sent an email asking whether they want to optin to your AWeber list.

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For people who do use eBay this is really good, because it means you can build a list of customers that have used your company.

If you setup a series of auto-responders or send out regular messages containing information on offers you’re running, you can drive traffic to your own ecommerce website, if you have one. This is good because if people are buying directly from your site and not through eBay, you can save lots of money on eBay fees.

It’s not just eBay customers that will be prompted to join your list though – if you use a PayPal checkout system on any other website, they will also be added to your list (providing they approve the request).

What can I send out to these subscribers?

If you’re a little lost as to what you should be sending to these subscribers, how about some of the following:

  • A quick “thank you” email after the purchase (customers love polite companies!)
  • A follow up email 7 days after the purchase asking if everything is OK – and if they’ll leave you feedback. If everything’s not OK make sure there’s a phone number for the customer to call you on ASAP so you can put the issue right
  • Links to up-sells on their original purchase
  • A free gift. Perhaps a handy piece of software or a PDF eBook covering the item that they’ve purchased from you
  • Coupon codes and promotion information – if you want to drive traffic to your own website send out some coupon codes for money off when ordering, and also send messages containing details of any promotions you’re running

We all know that getting subscribers on a list isn’t particularly easy. The thing is that this is possibly one of the simplest way I’ve ever seen through which you can build a list – it’s totally hands-off for you!

If you’re doing lots of transactions through PayPal then it really is worth signing up to AWeber and using this plugin.

Even if you don’t have any use for an email list at present, you can always come back to it in a few months or years time – by which it could well be a few thousand subscribers strong.

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  1. George From Seekdefo

    I wanted to use aweber. Even went to the site with your affiliate link but then i saw the credit card. I don’t have it. Gotta settle with mail chimp

    1. Steven

      Well, you can always go with mailchimp, but to me, the $1 charge for Aweber is completely worth it!

      Service is way better with Aweber and if you won’t spend as little as $1 on Aweber for your business, it means a lot regarding how much you believe in your success’ chances…

  2. George From Seekdefo

    I know a lot more about its quailty but i don’t have a credit card.

    1. Steven

      Oh ok, sorry to hear that.

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