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AWeber Messages Personalization: What is Possible?

There are many different fields that you can personalize in your AWeber messages. For the opt-in message that you’re required to send to users at first, there are some restrictions on what you can change in that message.

Otherwise, you can do pretty much whatever you like with your AWeber messages – the only stipulation is that your physical address is included at the bottom of each message, along with a link that users may follow in order to unsubscribe from your list at any time.

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What’s the point of personalizing messages?

Email marketing is all about creating a bond and a relationship between yourself and your subscribers. The reason for wanting to create this special bond is because with it comes trust; and if you’re going to succeed at monetizing your list, you need trust. People aren’t going to give their cash away to anyone – that’s why trust is so important.

Lots of email marketers use auto-responder messages, which are a really good way of making cash on autopilot. The only issue with these auto-responders is that they can seem a little impersonal to your subscribers.

So, if you want to really win over your list and instill a level of trust, you should look into the different personalization options that are available in AWeber.

The first one you’ll probably stumble across is the ability to address subscribers by their first name, by inserting the {!firstname} token.

Tailoring your messages to each and every one of your subscribers really does work – because it makes them feel like you’ve paid them attention as an individual – and not just as another member of your emailing list.

It’s up to you how much you personalize each message – AWeber caters for those interested in personalizing basic things like names, as well as those who are interested in digging deeper and personalizing other aspects of messages.

The parameters that you can personalize in your messages include:

  • The subscriber’s name (you can also determine whether you address them by their first name, surname, or both)
  • The date (you can choose from lots of different time and date formats)
  • The subscriber’s location (this is approximate and is determined by IP location)
  • The subscriber’s email address (you can place it anywhere in your message, if you so desire)
  • Click tracking (if you’re tracking clicks-through from messages this is handy to see who is following your links and actively reading your emails)

There are also options to enter custom fields too. You could perhaps ask your users their favorite color, or the name of their pet upon joining your list. You can then insert these pieces of information into future emails.

You can have the best auto-responders in the world written for you, but if you fail to spend the time personalizing them accordingly, you may well be letting sales slip straight through your fingers. Personalizing emails is really easy in AWeber, so you really have no excuse for failing to do it.


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