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As a blogger you likely spend a large portion of your time working on content. However, there is much more to your success than what you post. If you do not have a connection with your audience they will eventually leave you and go elsewhere. Without readers you have no reason to continue blogging. Your site can fail and you will never see the benefits of having it. So that connection is quite important. You must know how to best achieve it if you want to see the success you are after. There are actually several ways you can easily connect with your readers.

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connect with your audience

Get Involved

Your readers want to interact with you. They read your posts and they feel like they know you. When they comment they want to hear your responses. Take some time each day to go through the comments and respond as you can. Obviously you may be limited depending on how many comments you are receiving for each post, but you can at least be as active as possible on your own site. This will go a long way towards building a personal connection with your readers.

Get Personal

Your writing style is going to be what makes or breaks the success of your site. Your audience is not there to read a monotone rendition of your post. They want to see personality. They want to feel like they know the person behind the post. Let yourself shine through and create an identity that they can easily feel comfortable with. If humor is your thing then spend some time making them laugh. Develop a style that is uniquely you and can be recognized instantly by your readers.

Add Some Interactivity

Get the readers involved in your site. Ask questions. Host giveaways and contests. Request participation in events. Do whatever it takes to get the audience involved with you and with each other. This puts them in a place of feeling a connection not only with you as the blogger, but also with the site.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites allow you the chance to friend and follow your audience. You can then interact with them on an even more personal level than your blog allows. Polls, contests and just general posts give you the opportunity to not only connect with them but to also find out exactly what they like and don’t like about your site.


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  1. Daniel

    It’s important not only to attract readers, but also to support and keep their attention and loyalty. I liked your tip about interactivity. In my opinion it’s the best way to make the readers involved in your blogging.

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