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When I first started blogging I was always jealous of those established bloggers who talked about getting emails from their readers. I wasn’t getting emails. Heck, for a while there I wondered if I’d even get comments. Soon enough, though, those emails started rolling in. Now my problem was – how to answer all those emails from readers.

answer all emails from readers

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Once you start working online it doesn’t take long for your email inbox to start filling up. You sign up for newsletters and updates, you have email coming in from clients, and you start getting emails from readers. In my case, I can sit here and literally watch my emails roll in all day long. I could spend the day reading mail!

Set Aside a Specific Time Each Day

I check my email twice a day, no matter what I’m expecting. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at the end of the day. In the morning, I file, trash or answer all the new emails that came in and in the evening, I do the same. Unless you’ve specifically told someone you’re waiting for an email there’s no reason to sit there and watch it all day long. Nobody expects you to repond instantaneously. In fact, most people are surprised if you respond the same day.

Why You Should Answer All Email From Readers

That question might seem pretty trivial or obvious to you, but it’s important enough to that reader that he took the time to fire off an email to you. This is someone reaching out to you for help and it’s your opportunity to cement the relationship. Answer his question and you’ll have a loyal reader for life.

Ideas for Blog Posts

Sometimes your readers’ questions can be pretty involved. When that happens, I always send them a brief answer and tell them that I’m going to address it in a blog post. Then, when you write that blog post, be sure to mention to your readers that you’re answering a question from “Bob Smith.” People love seeing their name online. Send him a follow-up email, too, with a link to the post so he can see the answer to his question.

Set Up a Newsletter

If you get a lot of reader email, start a Q&A newsletter for subscribers only. Make it a “Dear Abby” kind of thing and your readers will start sending you questions just so they can see their name in the headlines. Answering those questions in a “Subscribers Only” newsletter also creates a feeling of exclusivity and scarcity which encourages more subscriptions.

When those emails start rolling in, and trust me, they will, you need to give them your attention. These are your readers and they’re reaching out to you for help. They could go to any of the other dozens of bloggers in your niche but they’ve chosen you. Make reader emails a priority by setting aside a specific time each day to read and process and use those emails as a way to get even closer to your readers.


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  1. Andrea Naomi

    I love your blog :) Focusing on consistency by setting up a schedule is great advice! Keep blogging you’re awesome…

  2. Mike

    great blog you got here man

    1. Steven

      Thank you Mike

  3. Carolyn

    Brilliant idea to suggest a Q & A newsletter for your subscribers based on questions you get from your readers. You’re right, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with questions from readers, but if a reader has a question, someone else does too.

    My only pet peeve is when I answer a question and never hear back from the reader to let me know what the result was and, perhaps, to thank me for my help. :-)

    1. Steven

      I hear you… It happens all the time that I give a reply to a reader’s email and I never hear from them again.

      Well, you know the drill… The readers that you hear most are usually the ones who are unhappy. If I don’t hear from a reader again, I assume that I solved his problem :)

  4. Joe S.

    Hey thanks for the good information. I really like the Q&A idea. Also, I think its a great idea to allow readers to suggest topics to write on.


    1. Steven

      Who better than your readers know what your readers want to read? ;) It makes sense to ask them what they want… A happy reader will be your best ambassador to bring new people to your blog!

  5. Santosh Mishra

    Hello Steven,

    It’s really important to interact with the readers, unless you do it, making a fan base is not possible. It’s a nice writeup indeed.


    1. Steven

      That’s so true… This is why I try to reply to every single comment on my blog :)

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