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There’s a lot of buzz about Attraction Marketing but if you start searching the Web most of the information you’ll find is open ended and leads directly to a sales page. Yes, if you want to find out what Attraction Marketing actually is and whether or not you need it, apparently you have to pay for the privilege. Perhaps the ‘attraction’ in attraction marketing is the fact that it seems like some deep dark secret!

what is attraction marketing

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But after spending some time with my spy glass and secret decoder ring, and hacking into a few Double Top Secret websites, I’ve found that the only big difference between Attraction Marketing and any other marketing method is that you have to pay to learn its secrets. Why bother? Put you money away. I’ll fill you in…

The concept of attraction marketing was developed as a means to create a strong downline for those involved in multi-level marketing. Multi-level Marketing, sometimes referred to as Network Marketing, is a system where you generate income based on your sales and the sales of the people you recruit to work under you. Mary Kay Cosmetics is a good example, and thousands of MLM networks have been created for online marketing opportunities, as well.

However, marketing is marketing, and the basic tenets of attraction marketing can, and should, be applied to any type of online business:

Create Value: One of the principles of attraction marketing is that you should make yourself seem valuable, or an authority, to those people you’re recruiting so you can attract more people to your downline. That same principle applies to the readers of your blog or the visitors who come to your website. They are your ‘downline.’ You need to provide more than just average information. You need to give them more than what they’re looking for. You need to provide content that immediately lets your reader know that you’re an authority on the topic and they can trust you to lead them in the right direction.

Promote your brand: Obviously, since they’re directed toward Network Marketers, attraction marketing methods concentrate a good portion of their efforts on promoting their brand. Again, this is something that any online business person needs to focus on. You’ll need a website with an attractive design, a logo to increase brand recognition, an opt-in form to encourage loyalty, a Fan page or Twitter account with your logo at the top – all the things we normally associate with online branding.

Build relationships: Again, the information you do find on attraction marketing is geared toward building your network of recruits, which is the same thing as building a following for your blog. In any type of online business it’s important to concentrate more on building relationships than it is on selling. You do this by providing valuable content, by engaging your readers with polls and surveys and videos, by over-delivering on your promises. You take the time and do the research to find out what your visitors really want and need and then you over-deliver.

Use funded proposals: In attraction marketing jargon they call it ‘funded proposals’ and they tell you to use this to generate cashflow while you’re building your business. All they’re really doing is using email marketing to capture leads and generate sales, so don’t let the jargon fool you. It’s definitely not some deep dark secret that you need to pay for. The difference is this: In network marketing it’s important to start building your downline as soon as possible. But you may not be generating enough business with your own sales yet, so you use email marketing to provide valuable guidance to the members of your downline and every now and then you suggest that they buy some piece of software or some product that will help them improve their business. Sound familiar? You got it! It’s the same with your blog or website. You send valuable content to your followers, giving them advice and information, and every now and then you suggest that they buy something.

Use automation: The folks pushing the attraction marketing products also recommend that you use automation to scale your business. Nothing new there, either. According to them, if you want to be successful you’ll automate everything – your content, your emails, your ‘funded proposals’, even your learning. This is no different than automating your blog content and emails with RSS feeds or scheduled content, and all they’re talking about with automated learning is having a weekly training session delivered directly to your email inbox – something you probably have to pay for and which probably falls under the heading of ‘funded proposals’.

What is attraction marketing and do you really need it? You might get a few extra tips specific to the MLM marketplace and creating a downline. But for the most part, it’s just your basic strategy for any website – concentrate on quality and content and the rest will take care of itself.


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  1. Jeffreyskang

    reminds be of the founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, who said “Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself.”

    1. Joseph

      And that’s definitely why Steven ends with this phrase – “Concentrate on quality and content and the rest will take care of itself.”

      Quality and content will all do the maths and work for you, but we need not to forget that we’ll have at first worked on the both.


  2. David

    Thanks for taking the mystery out of it. A lot of sales are generated on the ‘mystery’ concept. The idea is to make people ‘wonder’ if they are missing something. This is a kind of psychological trick and we often use it on ourselves! Good post on explaining attraction marketing. Thanks.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      learning psychological tricks will definitely help when you’re trying to sell something that doesn’t sell itself.

      when it comes to something like mlm, when the actual product is a crappy $5 dollar rehashed ebook repriced at $297, you’ll probably need every trick in the book. it’s a fine line between pyramid scheme and network marketing, and if you can’t screw over a granny and take her last few dolars, mlm is not for you.

    2. David

      Yes, but that seems to be how those companies tend to work. Even though everyone says theirs is different.

    3. Jeffreyskang

      i guess that’s why the sales videos/letters are so long. hiring escorts to smile and look cute, while passing themselves off as so successful by using rented mansions, yachts, ferraris, pjs to get dreamers to buy.

  3. Cpa Marketing Blog Kj

    Requires very hard work but yeah MLM does pay off !!

    1. Jeffreyskang

      let’s be truthful here. does it not also require considerable luck and low morals? you need to be the lucky few who enter the mlm scheme at the very beginning. you need low morals to lie to people and convince them they actually have a chance joining late.

    2. David

      good insight Jeffery, I tend to agree with you. The other side of it is ignorace, there are some people who really believe and their enthusiasm sells others. But, eventually they figure it out.

    3. Jeffreyskang

      i see what you did there. :)

      mostly, by the time they figure it out, they’ve already been conned out of thousands of dollars.

    4. Joseph

      Of course nothing comes that easily. Only how clever you work out your deeds that do really pays off!


  4. Gold Value Calculator

    The term “attraction marketing” was very new to me though the principles mentioned therein are mainly covered in other forms of marketing as well. Still , would like to thank you for introducing me to this concept.

    1. Joseph

      Attraction marketing may be too new to may people I included, but the real fact is that the principles included here are well known by many.

      I like and love the way Steven writes about it – frankly, he in fact gives the whole truth about this type of marketing and easing the time needed to learn to know it.

  5. David

    This is exactly right, you shouldn’t have to pay for ‘secrets of success’. But many people would like for you to believe that they hold those secrets and that they will gladly share them with you for a fee.

    1. Joseph

      And from what I learn, there is no secrets of success. The only secrets (if we tend to believe there are any) are the things we are well conversant with. So, no one need to buy the ‘secrets guide’. Re-think what you have and focus on quality rather than on quantity and things will eventually work out, probably themselves.

    2. Jeffreyskang

      don’t get me wrong. i am wholeheartedly willing to pay for “secrets” just as i am okay to sell them, so long as they are real and actually worth it. in fact, if i’m able to recoup my investment with the very information i bought, it’s not a crock of sh!t.

  6. Joseph

    Thanks Steven for these very helpful basic principles. All of the 5 seem to be something we come across or work on occasionally but we don’t put much concern on – maybe because we are busy looking for the ‘real’ secrets.


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