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ATM Mailing List: Turn Your List into a Cash Machine

Let’s face it. You may be in a business that you love. You may enjoy the work you do every day. It is even possible that you enjoy the down sides of being self employed. Even with all of that, business is about making money. After all, if your business is not profitable then you are wasting time and cannot cover your expenses. So you want to see it become successful. You want to generate income and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The good news is that it is possible. Not everyone will become rich on their business, but having a significant income that allows you to live comfortably can happen. You just need to know how to accomplish it. The first rule you should live by is that the mailing list is your new ATM.

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That statement may surprise you and leave you slightly confused. How can something as simple as a mailing list be compared to an ATM? Well the simple answer is because it has the power to generate cash on your site time and time again. Out of the many marketing tools that you have, the mailing list will often prove to be the most successful. Before you can truly benefit from it, however, you must know the power it holds.

Marketing possibilities with a mailing list are endless. You can use it deliver newsletters, updates on your business, news of new releases or even information. Anything that will drive customers to your site can be sent through your mailing list. Many businesses will offer something free to entice people to sign up and then use that free thing to lure them to the site for more. The world is your playground when you have a large list of people that have signed up to receive information and advertising from you. Not everyone who signs up will click through to your site, but if you have a large enough list the number of people who do will easily increase that income that you acquire.

There will also be times when you are looking to others for potential revenue. You may be interested in selling advertising or acquiring some other time of investment or partnership. Those people are going to look at your business and the potential it has. When you can show them a large mailing list full of subscribers then it will help you win favor. They will view you as successful and see the potential that your business holds.

Both of these can easily generate enough income for you to live on. Both are the product of having a good mailing list. Given the fact that it can easily bring in significant cash flow, it is easy to see how your mailing list can become your new ATM. When you need more money, simply turn to your mailing list. Give them an offer they cannot pass up and watch the reaction. You can see the power of marketing and feel the impact on your wallet.


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  1. Chris

    Definitely great food for thought, makes me feel like I need to update my mailing list ASAP. Thanks so much for the great advice!

    1. Steven

      When starting a new blogging project, I don’t necessary put some ads straight from the beginning, but I definitely put a mailing list up from day one!

  2. Anon

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually send out emails and have people give you money? I can only just imagine… I could use something like that right about now. This could definitely come in handy, thanks.

    1. Steven

      This is kind of the idea when you have a good email list… Once you’ve built trust with your followers, you can sell them pretty much anything.

    2. Anon

      This makes me want to rub my hands together and laugh maniacally. It really is awesome how this works, and how easy it can be to make money doing this if you do it successfully. I have bright hopes for the future!

  3. Mike

    It’s definitely true that you stand to make a good deal of money from the people on your email list. You want to make sure you are always keeping it current, and are always trying to add more people to it.

  4. Buysellwordpress

    Actually by sending e-mails, many people make excellent business, earning money with easiness. It can be done b placing different links in it,by advertising something etc.

    1. Steven

      As with everything in this business, it’s a matter of balance to avoid being spammy.

  5. Sarah

    I’m definitely sold on this idea, and I’m going to need to start doing some serious work on my mailing list and newsletters. In fact, I just signed up for your email list today! Hopefully that will help you earn some more ca$h. ;)

    1. Dana

      I just signed up too! I love the new page at the top where it explains in brief what the site was about.

    2. Steven

      This is something new I hadn’t tested yet. I’ll see how it performs.

  6. Liz

    Oh man, it would be really nice to have that kind of asset, and ATM mailing list sounds great right now. I think I have some ideas to make mine a little bit more successful. Your site looks soooo awesome by the way! ^_^

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the kind words Liz :)

  7. Affmaster

    Advertisers are absolutely going to be impressed if you can show them a large mailing list of avid readers. The more exposure your site gets, the more money you stand to make.

    1. Jony

      That’s the truth, in fact that’s going to be the only thing they care about is how much traffic your site gets. If you can a) have a mailing list with a large amount of dedicated followers and b) get the emails you send out to direct people to your site, then you have it made in the shade, my friend.

    2. Affmaster

      I think that’s everyone’s goal, It’s just a challenge to get it to that point.

  8. Mike

    I definitely agree with the statement above. If emails start to feel like spam, no matter how interested a reader was when they signed up they will unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

    1. Michelle

      Ugh yes, no one likes spam. Sending emails too often is a death wish for your email list. It’s important to find a balance!

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