Article List Building Can You Build a Mailing List with Article Marketing?

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Article List Building: Can You Build a Mailing List with Article Marketing?

If you’ve been hacking away at article marketing with minimal results then you’re probably wondering why you should even consider using it to build your mailing list. After all, you’re writing your fingers to the bone as it is and you’re only seeing a trickle of traffic. Why put even more effort into a marketing technique that doesn’t pay off? Because it works. And if it’s not working for you, then you’re probably doing something wrong.

Use Keywords in Your Titles

It’s important to understand how the reader arrives at your article. When people are looking for information, they don’t go to an article directory to search. They use their favorite search engine and a selection of keywords. They end up on your article because it appeared in Google’s or some other search engine’s index. That means you need to be using keywords in your titles.

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Now, that little tidbit probably isn’t news to most. But here’s what you need to focus on next:

Make Your Content Relevant to the Title

If your title promises “Seven Steps to Instant Success” then give you readers all seven steps. Don’t be stingy and only tell them half of each step and don’t give them only five and tell them to click the link in your resource box to get the rest of the story. Better yet, over-deliver and give your reader eight or nine steps!

Don’t underestimate your readers. They’re much more savvy than you give them credit for. Using bait-and-switch tactics won’t win you any followers.

Make Your Resource Box Relevant

Nine times out of ten, that “something you’re doing wrong” is right there in your resource box. So many marketers spend hours writing brilliant articles and then they just copy and paste the same old resource box from one article to the next.

Telling your readers to “click here and read my blog” tells them nothing. Sure, they know you’ll have more information on your blog, but they also know how blogs work. They’re going to have to scroll through miles of blog posts searching for more information. It’s easier just to go back to their search engine and and tweak their keywords.

If you really want the people reading your articles to click through on your links, then link to a specific relevant blog post and tell the reader what he’ll find when he clicks the link. “If you liked these Seven Steps, click here and I go into even greater detail for Tip Number Five and in here are three more tips to really amp up your success”.

How Can You Use Article Marketing to Build Your Email List?

If you’re using keywords in your titles and you’re writing appropriately relevant articles, loaded with tons of juicy information, then your readers are going to be more inclined to click those links in your new resource boxes. And that leads us to how you can use article marketing to build your list. Just change up your resource boxes!

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Now, make sure you actually link to one of your blog posts that talks about your “favorite article marketing strategy” and put an opt-in form for your newsletter right there on that post.


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  1. Greta Boris

    I’m going to use your suggestion about the resource box. I haven’t been doing that.

    1. Steven

      Great! Let me know the kind of results you’ll see Greta!

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