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Do your blog posts always end abruptly, like the railroad tracks leading up to the edge of a cliff? Do you leave your readers scratching their head, wondering what you were trying to say or why you even wasted the ink? Here are seven powerful ways to end your next blog post and leave your readers begging for more… for all the right reasons.

1/ Sum It Up

I have a formula I use on most of my posts: I tell the reader what I’m going to tell him, then I tell him, then I tell him what I told him. That way I’m sure he gets the message. Use a closing paragraph to sum up your post and tell the reader what you just told him – again.

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2/ Use A Call To Action

Every blog post should have a purpose. You might just be providing valuable information to increase your authority. But you should also be sending readers to your squeeze page or to subscribe to your newsletter or to follow you on Facebook, or… well, any number of things. Use your closing paragraph to tie your content to a call to action – and then make that call to action.

3/ Tell The Reader To Share

Many of your readers would be happy to share your post, it’s just that they don’t think about it or they don’t realize they’d be helping you if they did. Tell them at the end of your post where you want them to share, and why and watch your referral traffic start rolling in.

4/ Link To Useful Information

Sending your readers to more relevant, useful information deeper in your blog makes your blog stickier and increases subscriptions. Include links at the end of your post that tie your post to older, relevant content in your archives.

5/ Ask A Question

Ask a question or give your readers homework and encourage them to reply in the comments.

6/ Look Into The Future

Tell your readers to stay tuned because you’ll be blogging about… tomorrow! This works especially well with series posts and lets your readers know there’s another chapter on the horizon.

7/ Promote Your Product Or Service

In the end, your goal is to promote your own product or service so why not end a post on that note?

It’s important to remember that no matter how you choose to end your posts it should be with something that’s relevant to the topic of the post. For example, you wouldn’t want to talk about how to get more Twitter traffic and then tell readers to check out your new ebook about how to write killer articles. Whatever your ending message, it will be more powerful if it’s directly relevant to the post.

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