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Here is a (maybe not so) secret recipe that you could follow when developing any kind of business. This is like a three steps cooking recipe that I try to follow every time I’m going to launch a new project. It allows me to takes things one after the other and to make sure I have completed a step properly before I move to the next one.

recipe for success

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1/ Analyze

Before jumping straight into a project and use all your time and energy developing it, you need to take some time to analyze what is really going on.

During this very first step you need to plan and research. The decisions you are going to take from the beginning are going to have consequences all along the way of your business development, this is why you need to do some proper research.

The first thing to do is to watch at the big picture of your market, industry or niche. Try to analyze if the other actors in your industry are following some common guidelines and practices, are they avoiding to do some things…

Now that you start having a general understanding of how things work in your industry, narrow down to a niche within this industry. Do some more research in this niche to get a proper understanding of it and start planning the actions you need to do to take over this particular niche.

The best way to take over an already established industry is by the small door. If you jump right into the arena, you are going to get crushed by the older players. Take over a specific niche in the market without being too much noticed by the big players and in no time you are going to take bigger bites in the market without them being able to stop you because you’ll already be established as an authority in a specific niche.

2/ Focus

Now that you made a proper analysis of the way you are going to get into your market, it’s time to put your resources (personal, financial,…) on the chessboard.

You need to get things done one after the other. For example, if you are going to start a blog, you should get your custom design done as soon as possible because once it’s done, it doesn’t need to be changed. Start with the things that could be set and not need any attention after that.

Once these “set and forget” things are all done, you can move ahead and start working on other things. For a blogger, this could be writing as many articles as possible ahead of time and using timestamps to schedule them. This will free your time to get other things done on the fly when the project is actually launched.

You need to focus your attention onto one area at a time. Once it is secured, move to the next area and so on. You won’t ever need to come back and what is done, is done.

3/ Rule

Now that you completed the first two steps of Analyze and Focus, it’s time to take over your niche! You’ll need to be patient because things are not going to happen overnight. Don’t lose focus, try to learn as much as you can along the way and prosper until you Rule the targeted niche that you picked in the first step.

Once you manage to become the Authority in that particular niche, you may be wondering what is your next step… Rinse and repeat! Expand to another specific niche in the same market… The best way to take over a huge market is to take one bite at a time.

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