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AffPaying Review: Find the Right Affiliate Network For You

A few days ago, I’ve been contacted by Geo, the owner of Affiliate Paying in order to make a paid review of his website. I’m really excited to post the review today as it is the first paid review in the history of this blog. If you would like your website or service to get reviewed, please check the advertise page. Now let’s start!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start making money with your blog. However, it can be difficult as a beginner to figure out what affiliate networks are worth your time, and which ones are just a waste of time. That’s where Affiliate Paying comes in.

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Affiliate Paying isn’t just a directory of affiliate networks, but a review site as well. Affiliates can leave ratings for networks based on four areas of an affiliate network: Offers, Payout, Tracking, and Support.

Affiliates can search for new networks by looking through categories, new networks, A-Z listings, or, the most popular option: the highest rated CPA networks.

There’s currently 628 networks listed at Affiliate Paying, giving potential affiliates plenty of networks to look at until they find the perfect fit for their needs.

As an affiliate, you’ll simply find the network that you think looks like a good one, and then click on it to look at its profile. You’ll be able to see the ratings of the four areas listed above, plus an averaged, overall rating for the network.

affiliate paying 2

If you’ll scroll down a bit, you can see the various statistics for the network, including but not limited to the number of offers through the network, featured offers, commission type, minimum payment requirements, payment frequency and methods available, referral commission, and contact information for the network. From there, you can either scroll down to read the user reviews of the network or to leave a review yourself, or you can choose to join the network.

Affiliate Paying makes joining several networks easy and painless. Questions can be sent to the contact information listed in the profile, or left in the comments for assistance from other users. Affiliate Paying also has a contact page themselves, in case you have questions for them about the process.

In addition to making it easy and quick to join new networks, Affiliate Paying has an extensive resources page, with links to different ad networks, marketing software and tools, marketing training and courses, and affiliate marketing blogs, conferences, and forums. They also have a link to the AffDaily affiliate marketing news aggregator, in case you want to read the latest updates.

Last but not least, they have a blog with interviews and profiles of several successful affiliate marketers, so you can learn about affiliate marketing at the same time that you’re browsing the network profiles.

In conclusion, Affiliate Paying brings a good amount of value to the table, letting you know which networks are worth joining before you go through the effort of doing so. You’ll be able to know ahead of time if a network has a reputation for not paying affiliates on time (or at all!) and avoid them. And you’ll be able to choose only the best networks, the ones that fellow affiliates have rated highly. You could do a lot worse than Affiliate Paying as a place to start on your affiliate marketing journey.


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  1. Affiliate Paying

    Thanks for such a great post and the review, I really appreciate it! :)

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome Geo.

      Quality websites deserves quality reviews! ;)

    2. Affiliate Paying

      Your blog is now listed on :)

      And I just sent you an email, look forward to hearing from you ;)

  2. First Website

    Very nice review, I”m going to contact you to get my site reviewed.

    BTW I didn’t really know Affiliate Paying, but this looks like a very useful resource when it comes to joining some new affiliate networks.

    1. Steven

      Sure, this is what the contact form is here for! :)

  3. Mike

    Are the ratings genuine? I did read somewhere else that you can’t give bad ratings to some affiliate networks…

    1. Affiliate Paying

      Hey Mike, thanks for the comment. All of our reviews are user generated and 100% genuine. And we accept all real HONEST review from honest people (You will not believe how many fraudsters there are in the industry – they fraud cpa networks and even threaten to write a negative reviews if networks don’t pay for the fraud leads). So we believe that we have a responsibility to moderate spam and protect HONEST networks from fraudsters and scamsters.

  4. Dana

    I discovered Affiliate Paying thanks to you. Bookmarked! Great sharing!

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