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When I was in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2012 in January, I got the chance to meet face to face with a lot of people that I know through online communications. It was very interesting to finally put a face on the names I knew and the words I’ve been reading online.

One of the persons I met is Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov. Geno is the guy behind the affiliate marketing blog AM Navigator, for which he was named Best Affiliate Blogger in 2010.

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Geno is an award-winning affiliate management expert and founder of an affiliate management and consulting company called Affilinomics. Through this company he has managed affiliate programs and consulted for top brands such as Forbes, Hallmark, Nokia, Warner Music, Skype, Forex Club and many others.

As if he didn’t already have enough on his plate, Geno is also a regular contributor to Website Magazine, Feedfront, Revenue Performance, Search Marketing Standard, Visibility Magazine, Search Engine Marketing Journal and other industry blogs.

When I met with him, Geno kindly offered me his book “Affiliate Program Management, An Hour A Day”. As an affiliate, I wasn’t completely sure of the kind of value I could get from this book. Little did he know that I was planning to launch my first product as an advertiser in the upcoming month.

I finally found the time to go through the book and I must say that it’s filled with useful information, both for affiliates and for merchants. A large part of the book goes over the basics of affiliate programs and affiliation in general.

Even though I already knew a big part of this general information, it’s always useful to go over the basics again to make sure you didn’t forget some essential things.

Some more specific information regarding Affiliation Program Management was totally welcome and I learned some very useful things regarding the steps to a program creation, as well as data analysis and management mistakes to avoid.

If you are just getting into affiliate marketing or even if you already are an affiliate marketer, you’ll learn a lot of things that will improve your experience in our industry, by reading Geno’s book!

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  1. David

    Steven, thanks for informing me about Geno. I’m going to go check out his site after this.

    I have an affiliate program that I run and I am also an affiliate for other sites.

    It is fun to both to make sales and to see your affiliates make sales. Affiliate marketing is a win-win-win for the affiliate, the merchant and the customer.

    1. Joseph

      Well said David, …win win win. Just like you, I am going to check out Geno’s site too.

  2. Dmitriy

    It’s seems to be kind of promotional post. Well, it’s quite good.
    I have one question: what is this book special for? Is there any info that I can’t read from other authors (and mostly free books)? If yes, it’s worth buying.

    1. Joseph

      Well Dmitriy, this post is kind of promotional. Am glad you appreciate it and I as well do. There’s something that I have learnt from here – to have a giving heart. Geno gave out the book to Steven and that’s why Steven is good enough to offer a vote of thanks via promoting the book here.

      Dmitriy, you have a question of why the book is special? Here’s why (as far as I am concerned): It isn’t special but it is great regarding the idea that Steven has given it a big rating here.

  3. Olof

    How much time do you spend on this yourself?

    1. Joseph

      At a greater intent I feel great urge to contribute my thought this, or do I say my answer on this, whichever.

      I hope you meant how much time one spends on affiliate program management. For me, am just kickstarting and doing well as a web hosting affiliate. I can’t tell exactly how much time I spends managing that, but I think an hour a day is quite cool.

  4. Affiliate Manager

    I had the pleasure of meeting Geno at AM Days in March and he’s a stand up guy. I was also lucky enough to get a free copy of his book for attending. He knows his stuff and although I’ve only skimmed through his book, it seems like it’s definitely worthwhile. I’m actually planning on attending and possibly speaking at the next AM Days because it’s going to be right here in Florida! :)

    1. Steven

      I did read almost everything in the book (except things I already knew ;)) since I’m planning to launch my own affiliate program with a new company I started a couple months ago. More info to come one of these days ;)

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