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You’ll no doubt have seen lots of people moaning and worrying about the fact that Google has significantly demoted their site(s) in the SERPS, or deindexed it altogether. If you’re one of these people then bad luck – but if you’re not, there’s still something you can learn from it too. Google is getting cleverer and cleverer when it comes to detecting junk sites with poor backlinks. That’s enough about that, however, because the one thing you should know is that affiliate marketing has never been easier!

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How Can Affiliate Marketing Be Easier?

Take the most popular Clickbank products, do a bit of keyword research on them then look at the competition. Over the last month or so some of the biggest Clickbank affiliate sites have been wiped off the first page of Google, due a combination of bought/paid backlinks, and poor quality content. This means that ranking new sites promoting the same products is pretty easy – because all the super sites have now been penalized or deindexed.

The Clickbank playing field has never really been that level for anyone who got into Clickbank late on – like most people. Most Clickbank niches have been virtually impossible to break into because “Super affiliates” had them locked down so hard. The tables have turned now – and most of those super sites have taken a big hit – so if you’ve always toyed with the idea of promoting Clickbank products, now is the time to do so.

Is It Just Clickbank Products That Are Now Easier To Promote?

No, other affiliate programs are affected too. You’ll find a lot of sites promoting Amazon products have also been hit very hard. So if you’ve previously done a bit of research because you wanted to promote a specific product but you found that it was too tough, look again, because things might have changed!

Of course you need to be on your guard, and you need to make your sites in such a way that Google doesn’t deindex or demote your site the next time they decide to throw their weight around – so here are some handy tips:

  • Build links very slowly and 301 an aged domain to your site if possible. Build QUALITY links from Web 2.0s and article directories. Do some blog commenting too perhaps – try not to use ANY automated tools at all on your new money site.
  • Add SEO content on your site, and make sure that there is new content added periodically (scheduling posts to publish is easy in CMS like WordPress!). “Sniper sites” that consist of 3 pages no longer rank – you’re going to need a good few posts and pages to get your site ranking well.
  • Redirect your affiliate links through a simple PHP script. That way Google will find it harder to determine your site is an affiliate site.

That’s all there is to it really. Work on just a few quality sites instead of a few hundred autoblogs with spammy backlinks. Quality over quantity is what Google wants nowadays – and if you give Google what they want, they’ll certainly reward you with top rankings.


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