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Affiliate Product Promotion: How to Find Affiliate Products for Your Blog

Today we’re going to take a look at affiliate programs.

Why You Need To Search For New Affiliate Programs Regularly

New products come on the market all the time and old products fall from favor or disappear. Trends rise and fall, too. Not long ago Pet Rocks were popular, followed by Chia Pets and upside down tomato gardens. All those products are still available but the markets are saturated with competitors and consumer interest isn’t anywhere near what it used to be.

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If you have a large community of loyal readers eventually they become blind to your ads after seeing them time and time again. So it benefits you to either change your ads on a regular basis.

Where To Search For New Affiliate Programs

Affiliate networks take on new advertisers all the time. Go back to the same network and see if they’ve added any new products or programs in your niche. You’re already a member of that network, you’ll already have an affiliate link, and you won’t disrupt your pay-out schedule.

Try a new network such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon affiliates or even AdSense. As long as you’re pulling in targeted traffic you can use any network and you might even make more money with AdSense.

Visit your competitor’s blogs and see what products they’re promoting.

Visit your favorite manufacturers and see if they have an affiliate program or if they’re working with an affiliate network. Look for an “affiliate” link, usually located in the footer.

Go to Google and type in the name of your product followed by “affiliate” or “affiliate program.

What To Do About Your Archive Posts

Changing affiliate programs can present a bit of a problem if you’re relying strictly on banner ads in your sidebars. What about all your older content that points to those ads?

  • Use a search and replace plug-in to change anchor text and links across your whole blog.
  • Start using long-tail buying keywords to create some of your anchor text links so you won’t have to keep changing all your content.
  • Put banners at the bottom of the post or under the comments and make them post-specific. Then you won’t have to change anything at all.

Another benefit of changing up your affiliate programs is an increase in earnings. If you’re already getting conversions then it’s time to look for products that have a higher selling price and/or a higher rate of commission.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and search for some new affiliate programs that fit your blog and report back here in the comments.


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  1. Elliott Scott

    I am loving the topics that you’re hitting on. In regards to affiliate programs, which has been the most effective for you specifically so far in your career?

  2. Bob

    Like your thoughts and ideas on affiliate ads. What do you think of Adrotate (free and pro)? I’ve been using it and seems pretty good.

    I like the create of groups and blocks. Not tried all the features yet but all seems good!

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