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If you want to make money by selling products & services then Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start off with. The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you need not keep any stock and can as well most of the times get rid of communicating with the clients.

If you are a new Web Entrepreneur then Affiliate Marketing is a great way to kick start the process of making some serious money. Nevertheless just like any other business you must be on familiar terms with what you are doing so as to start earning huge profits.

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I have been into the World of Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing and Direct Sales since quite some time. Almost all the successful Affiliate Marketers have a few standard Affiliate Marketing Tips as a core part of their success agenda.

So it is obvious if you can successfully clone the Affiliate Marketing Tips of these entrepreneurs then you will be prosperous in cloning their success too. Affiliate Marketing Tips are just mere Blue Prints and they obviously need real work and dedication so as to achieve success.

affiliate marketing tips success ladder

Here in this post I am going to share some great Affiliate Marketing Tips that undoubtedly will be out of the ordinary than the normal stuff that you read on the Web. The Affiliate Marketing Tips that I am going to share are definitely going to save the Newbie’s from being exhausted.

One thing I want to make clear is that I cannot guarantee that this Free Affiliate Marketing Training will save you from frustration and annoyance for the reason that Affiliate Directory or Network Marketing Business you are in definitely has some kind of frustration & annoyance levels.

Oops one more thing I am outlining this article from the viewpoint that you are planning to create a list and promote some of the Best Affiliate Marketing Program however if your motto is to do Click Bank throughout the day devoid of having to create a list then let me tell you this post is not for you.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. The foremost important guideline to an Affiliate Marketer is that he or she should not just promote anything for the sake of promoting it. You will find several Affiliate Marketing Blogs who just want to get started possibly with click bank; they search for a product and begin its promotion. They neither do any kind of research on the product or nor do they have any idea on what it does. Their aim is to simply sell the product and make money. Let me tell you this is not the way it should be you should first familiarize yourself completely with what you are promoting.
  2. Once you know what you are promoting the next most important thing is your confidence level in promoting the product. You can gain confidence in what you are promoting only when you have the product and this is termed as Integrity. I learnt this only when I gained experience in the Direct Sales Industry. For Instance say if you are selling a Life Insurance Plane to a couple you must be convinced with the fact that the Insurance cover is worth selling so that even you must have it. Generally the customers first question an Affiliate sales person is that if she or he has it or not and you should be proud enough to boast off about the product you are having and promoting. It is actually pretty easy to make sales in particular when you promote things that you believe in and it is altogether a different experience.
  3. One of the biggest Affiliate Marketing Tip that I want to share is that you must stop promoting products or services that fetch you small commissions. Individuals generally start an Online Marketing Career either through Blogging, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or whatever. You will not find anything more frustrating than having to go through all the frustrations and at the end seeing that you are making a sale that is going to fetch you negligible Pay Commission. This is highly upsetting and is likely to lay down all your motivation levels.  You will find several thousands of Affiliate Marketers who are just struggling hard with this thing and I am sure you would not want to be among those groups of people so keep this important Affiliate Marketing Tip in mind before you get started off with it.
  4. You must get off everybody’s list when you begin your journey as an Affiliate Marketer. Just imagine this, you are a newbie in the Affiliate Advertising and Affiliate Marketing and every month or say every week you will find a new product that is launched. If you are getting emails about various products being launched and what are the reasons for you to buy them or promote them. You simply don’t know what is going to happen to you because you are new to this game and will have no idea on where you are heading to and what you are doing. You will simply end up wasting your money without using the product that you bought, you will started criticizing the list that you have, you will not make money and at the end come up with a statement that this Affiliate Marketing thing does not work out and you will go off with it plan to buy another course which will guide to on how to solve this problem. This is an endless cycle and thus when you start off with you must keep in mind all the Affiliate Marketing Tips so that you don’t end up in a mess. You ought to remember that a confused mind is not fit for doing anything.
  5. One of the most important Affiliate Marketing Tip is that you should make up your mind that Affiliate Marketing is a great business which can provide you additional income that could be the major cause for your bright future. So if you want to make your Affiliate Marketing Business a success then the first thing that you need is PASSION towards it. You must be geared up to lead the lifestyle of a Network Marketer and must be ready to accept such kind of a lifestyle. This is among one of those important Affiliate Marketing Tips that will help you climb the success ladder. There are people who get into Affiliate Marketing just accepting it as a Hobby rather than considering it to be a true business and this is where most of the Affiliate Marketers fail to succeed. You must treat your Affiliate Marketing Business just like any other serious business out there and you can be assured that it will pay you definitely like that.
  6. The next most important thing for you as an Affiliate Marketer is that you ought to set up a strict schedule for you Affiliate Marketing Business and abide by it. If you want your Affiliate Marketing Business to be successful then you have to spend near about 12-15 hours a week on the focused part of your work. You must decide on what is that you are going to do with the time that you have allotted to your affiliate marketing business prior to you begin working. Having decided what you are going to do in the allotted time schedule you must use that time only for the task that you have scheduled. This is the key to make sure that your Affiliate Marketing Business runs efficiently without any hustle bustle.
  7. You should never put a full stop to your learning skills. For everybody Time is a very essential & valuable commodity and you might not have much time to spare but that is not an acceptable reason if you have entered the world of Affiliate Marketing. You should plan to utilize your time learning for instance start listening to some Affiliate Marketing Books on tape whilst you are driving or typing. So your motto should be to try learning new things whenever you can and however you can. The best thing to this is to do Multitasking whenever possible. No doubt you will have to make compromises with your life so as to learn novel techniques, vocabulary and ideas.
  8. Budget is a crucial attribute when it comes to Affiliate Marketing and thus it is your responsibility to set the budget first and make sure you stick to it. It is a well known fact that you cannot expect your business to survive if you make a compromise with the quality of your training and marketing thus setting up a monthly budget in advance will help you to a great extent. It is at all times suggested that you reinvest all your early earnings into the growth of your affiliate marketing business.
  9. Last but not the least you must have a Positive Attitude and you should not demoralize yourself if things are not going the way you want. You will have to keep gulping as things will not go the way you expect them to in the very beginning. You must have patience and view all your setbacks as a positive stepping stone to your future success. Remember that you can learn a lot from all your experiences and utilize these experiences to guide your future successes.


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  1. Yomar Lopez

    Great article, Eric!

    I love the focus on mindset and time management, though I wished you shared some of your tactics as affiliate marketing has changed a lot. Any affiliate programs you recommend? 8)

    I have been using Integrate programs to run sweepstakes and special promotions. So far, so good. Their support and sales team is fantastic but I notice a lack of variety with affiliate products, which seems common these days. Alignment of products wjth your personal brand and audience is key.

    You mentioned that affiliate marketers should not bother with small-ticket items but big-ticket items have a longer conversion/nurturing process. Would that not mean go for small, residual income to fill in the gaps between the big wins?

    Certainly, affiliate marketing is still viable but the gravy train for sales is long gone. People are more frugal with their money nowadays and selling triggers don’t work like they used to. I find it is easier to push microtransactions and multiple small purchases rather than big orders.

    What do you all think?

    1. Eric Pangburn

      Hey Yomar,

      You bring up some great questions!

      First, I personally lean towards bigger affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, and Sharesales.

      Again personally, I like the big ticket items. For the amount that I make one sell on a big ticket items. It’s going to take you probably close to 50 times more for you to sell the small ticket items.

      At the end of the day it all comes down to the niche your wanting to go into and the quality that you provide for others. And people are spending money it just takes work into earning the right to have people buy through your sites.

      Thanks again for sharing!


  2. Arindam Dutta

    A great list of tips! I agree that affiliate marketing is hard to do, and most of the time those getting into affiliate marketing give up way too soon. You need to stick with it, monitor your statistics, watch to see what is working and what is not and make changes when necessary.

    1. Eric Pangburn

      Hi Arindam,

      You are very correct, but when I read what you just shared it makes a lot of scene and really does not sound that hard.

      I would agree that many and probably to many give up to soon and just say that affiliate market does not work anymore or it just to hard. I understand the frustration, but once you start seeing success it’s hard to give up!

  3. Donna Foreverserenity

    Thank you for these great tips. Admittedly for me this is a learning stage and one I am trying to get into on my blogs. Finding the right affiliate is the one thing I am focused on doing. Putting the time into doing this will be the key to my success. I’m glad to see the comments that some people give up too soon. I’ll try not to do the same!

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