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Unlike what you may believe, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make an income. You have the potential to bring in many sales without having to invest in the inventory. Instead you are taking someone else’s hard work and selling it for them. You get a nice commission and you had very little work to do to get there. So how do you take advantage of affiliate marketing and make the most money? There are five secrets that anyone interested in this venture should know.

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  1. Find and work your niche: Some people try way too hard to do affiliate marketing. They opt for several programs that differ wildly and this causes them to fail. You should specialize. Focus on one niche and only take programs that fall into this niche. This is because it will give you the chance to become experienced if you are not already, and it lets you market several products to the same person. If you work it correctly, you could find that this niche leads you to the success you are looking for simply because your customers know you focus on one particular market.
  2. Separate yourself from the affiliate site: The best way to market your products and keep your own identity separate is to create a website. If you have your own website then customers believe they are buying from you. This is especially helpful if they have built up trust or a rapport with you. Making your affiliate link known is not advisable. It causes people to hesitate as they realize you are getting paid to sell the product.
  3. Create a pre-sell page: When a customer buys they will be directed to the main site where the product is. To avoid any potential problems you can create a pre-sell page that customers will visit. This is also a great way to build up an email list if you give them the opportunity to subscribe. This pre-sell page simply makes everything appear more legitimate which relieves worried customers.
  4. Use articles as often as possible: Article marketing is a great way to build up links and page ranking. It is also an excellent marketing tool. You have the ability to present your business and what you are about to a general audience. Those who are interested can click a link and get to your site. You can talk about the products you are offering, your basic website or virtually anything on the topic you want. As long as you keep the content original and related, you can see much success from this method of marketing.
  5. Follow up with customers: Everyone likes to know they are important. The best way to ensure this is to follow up with them and see how they like the product. Let them know you appreciate their business. Give them a reason to trust you. Chances are if you do this then you will see repeat business.

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