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While working from home looks like the perfect life for all the people who are still in the corporate rat race, it is not as perfect as it may sound and it may not be a good fit for everyone because of a big issue which is generally overlooked: loneliness.

blogger affiliate marketer loneliness

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When you are working in a regular office environment, you can always expect some office gossip in the break room or near the coffee machine with your coworkers. Once you work from home, you don’t have coworkers anymore to chitchat with. Here are a few solutions to overcome this issue.

Instant Messengers: AIM, ICQ, MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger…

This one is the easiest way to overcome the work-from-home loneliness. Just log into your favorite Instant Messengers and you can be sure that several of your friends will be logged so you can chat with them while you are working.

However, you have to be extra cautious with this one because it doesn’t take long before you spend a few hours chichatting and losing a whole afternoon of work.

Live Events

I will never say it enough: attending live events is a very good way to overcome loneliness for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers because it’s your best shot at meeting some like-minded people who are working in the same industry as you are.


From time to time, all you need to get refreshed is a change in scenery. Grab your laptop and go to a Starbucks, a Bar, a Restaurant, the mall, a library… Basically any place with some people and a Wifi network can fit. You won’t feel the pressure of your apartment/house and you can even meet some new people there, who will be intrigued to see you working for hours on your laptop.

Share an Office

I’ve considered this option many times in Paris because I know a couple people who are working on the Web and decided to share an office with some like-minded people. This is the best way to be in an office environment (welcome back to the office gossip fest) without the pressure since you don’t have any boss and you can still wake up at 10am or 11am if you wish to.

From what I’ve heard, sharing an office is a very good thing to do if you have difficulties to get some work done. Being in an environment where you are with some other people who are working could give you a little push and some guilt if you don’t manage your projects properly: Perfect for motivation.


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  1. Henry@software Development Companies

    Indeed, loneliness may be a serious problem for bloggers who work at home. These are geat tips. Personally I always online in Skype and there’re at least a couple o f people with whom I may chat in order not to sleepp while working)) And by the way, I think sharing the office may raise your productivity – watching other people work will make yourself work harder.

    1. Steven

      I am also on Skype from the moment I start working to the moment I shut down the computer. It’s the easiest way to stay connected with people while you work.

  2. Affiliate Manager

    Another option: Get Married and/or Have Kids
    Ever since I got married (no kids yet) I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending less time online (besides when I am at my office). I still have my late nights grinding all night on my campaigns or projects, but not as often and I’m 100x happier than I was before and probably even more productive!

    1. Steven

      Well, I didn’t think of this one since I am currently single, but that completely makes sense. These days, I tend to spend crazy hours in front of the screen and getting married would clearly change this.

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