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From the moment you come into this world, no matter what you do, your performance improves with experience. The first time you try to take a step you tumble and fall, but the more you work at it, the longer you stand and the more steps you can take. So it stands to reason, if you want to make more affiliate commissions, all you need is experience, right? But what kind of experience do you need?

You need blogging experience

I know there are guides out there that tell you you can make a fortune over night if you just set up a blog and slap on your affiliate link, but we all know before that can happen you have a lot to learn about blogging.

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Before you can sell something your blog needs traffic and to get that traffic you have to understand how the search engines work and how people use the Internet to find information. Some days you’ll be forced to take baby steps and others you can take huge leaps ahead. Just keep at it because, in the end, all that experience will add up to more affiliate commissions.

You need marketing experience

Most new bloggers don’t realize that there’s a difference between blogging and marketing. At its most basic level, your blog is the vehicle you use to deliver your marketing message, and it’s that message that’s most crucial for your success. People take 4-year college courses to learn the art of marketing so don’t expect to be an expert right off the bat. But don’t give up because the more experience you gain the better your results.

Earn More Affiliate Commissions With Product Experience

All that said, the best way to earn more affiliate commissions is to actual purchase and use the product you’re promoting. Use it the way the advertiser recommends and see how far outside the box you can take it, too. This helps for 3 reasons:

Better quality content for your blog: Anybody can read the advertiser’s sales page and state the product features and benefits. But if you’ve used the product then you’ll be able to write content that’s relevant to your specific readers, which means unique content that puts you ahead of your competition.

Increases your credibility: If you can tell your readers, “Yes, I used this and here’s what I think…” they’ll pay closer attention to what you have to say. And if you can give them insights into the product that they don’t get from the advertiser’s sales page then they know you really did your research. Even if they choose not to purchase this time, they’ll pay closer attention to everything you promote.

Increases your authority: Pointing out the pros and cons, and providing additional relevant, insightful information makes you look like a real authority in your niche. Not only will it increase sales for this product, but your readers will have more faith in future products you promote, as well.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t rake in mega-bucks from the minute you launch your blog – nobody does. It’s just like those baby steps you took when you were first learning to walk. The more experience you gain, the better your results.


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