Affiliate Blogging The 6 Pillars of Blogging for Money

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Affiliate Blogging: The 6 Pillars of Blogging for Money

Just about every blogger I’ve ever met started out promoting affiliate products. Some have been so successful they’ve never moved on to anything else. And it makes sense, really. Once you learn what it takes to make sales, the rest is just choosing the right products to promote. Of course, it’s that “learning” thing that can be a little tricky. Here are six ways to make more money as an affiliate.

Build Trust And Credibility

Very few people will buy a product the first time they see it. They’ll have questions they want answered and more important, they’ll want to have some trust in you, your blog, and the product you’re promoting.

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Look at your own purchasing habits. Whether you’re shopping online or off you rarely make impulse purchases. You always have some question you need answered. And you never open your wallet until you trust in the product you’re buying and in the person you’re handing your money to.

The best way to build trust and credibility is to create lots of high-quality content that honestly answers those questions and provides useful information about the product you’re promoting.

Only Promote Products You Believe In

You’re going to find countless products to promote in every niche you can imagine. Only promote those products you believe in. If you can’t physically test the products yourself, do some research to find out what other reviewers are saying. Because there are so many products to promote you’ll be tempted to fire off a different link to your email list every day of the week. Don’t. You’ll only irritate your subscribers, especially if you’re promoting poor-quality products just so you can get a sale.

Be Honest And Cut The Hype

Every product on the market has good points and bad, and your readers are aware of this. If you’re only showing your readers the positive aspects they’re going to question your integrity, so cut the sales hype and give your readers an open, honest product review.

Disclose Your Affiliate Relationship

It’s the law now, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful to disclose your affiliate relationship to your readers. Your readers know that manufactures are constantly sending out free products for bloggers to review. They also know you earn a commission if they click on your links. Try to hide these facts from them and they’ll label you a scammer. Reveal this information right up front and you’ll earn brownie points for being open and honest.

Replace Products

Once you’ve got the hang of promoting affiliate products and your blog is producing some consistent sales, start searching for higher-priced products or products with that pay a higher commission and replace those less expensive products you’re promoting. If it’s a similar product all your content will still be relevant and you can install a WordPress Search and Replace plug-in to replace all your links with just one click.

Consult Your Affiliate Manager

Most affiliate networks have affiliate managers, people who are assigned to work with a group of affiliate bloggers. These people are in this position to assist you with whatever you need. They can recommend products, they can tell you about market trends and what’s hot right now, they can even increase your commission rate if you have a proven record of sales. No matter what level you’re at, contact your affiliate manager and they can help you make more money as an affiliate right away.

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  1. Riza

    Agree, learning the effective ways on how to do affiliate marketing is the hard part. I like all the ways listed, but especially the one about cutting the hype and being honest.

    If you’re honest, you build your audience trust and that makes you a reliable source for new products. It’s how you do it if you want to last in this particular field.

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