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AffDaily Review: Not Just Another Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator

Apparently quite happy with the results of my Affiliate Paying Review, Geo asked me to do a paid review of his Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator: AffDaily. I’ve been using it on a daily basis for a few weeks now, and am totally satisfied with the website. Here is my paid review of AffDaily.

Have you ever wished that you could keep all of your daily blog reading in one place, instead of having to check each feed individually, or receive emails from each blog individually? AffDaily exists to help you do just that, at least with all of your affiliate marketing blogs and Twitter streams.

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About AffDaily

AffDaily is a free customizable affiliate marketing blog, Twitter, and news aggregator. It summarizes new information across popular affiliate marketing-oriented Twitter accounts and blogs, and lets you read it all at a glance instead of having to look at each blog or account individually. It’s still in beta mode but doesn’t appear to have any bugs, and is powered by the same people who run AffiliatePaying.

How it Works

affdaily signup

You’ll sign up for a free AffDaily account, inputting your email and creating a username and password, and then be asked to select the feeds you want to subscribe to, or add a new blog if the feed for the blog you want to read isn’t listed.

affdaily feeds

The next screen will let you organize your feeds, and then you’re done. After that, you’ll be able to head to the home page and skim the headlines from the blogs that you chose or added, letting you see all relevant information at a quick glance.

affdaily feed order

Then, head to the Twitter page to customize the updates you’ll see there. There’s already a preinstalled number of Twitter accounts, but you can remove the ones that are already there, add more accounts, or change the order of the accounts that are available.

affdaily twitter

And, you can check out the Top News page to see news from other affiliate blogs, plus each of the news pages (My News and Top News) have sections for popular today, popular yesterday, and popular last week.

Features and Benefits

The main benefit of AffDaily is the ability to keep up with news from multiple blogs and platforms, without having to check it all manually, or scroll through the posts in your feed reader.

It’s incredibly easy to use and sign up for, which means it will only take a few minutes of your precious time, and it only displays the headlines of the feeds that you’ve chosen to stay updated on. This means that you can scan through updates on all of your favorite blogs at a glance, instead of skimming through them post by post.


The internet is a fast-moving world, and those who want to stay on top of things need to be constantly updating themselves.

AffDaily is a service that lets you do this with the least amount of time involved possible, freeing up your valuable time to work on other, more important projects than reading blogs.

Given that the account is free and easy to set up and use, there’s absolutely no reason not to sign up if you think you’d use it.



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  1. Affdaily

    Thanks for the great review Steven, I really appreciate it. :)

  2. Eriii

    I use it daily as well I think its amazing. An all in one stop where any affiliate can get the scoop on what is happening in the affiliate marketing world.

    1. Affdaily

      Eriii, thanks for your kind words :)

      All the best!

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