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Affbuzz and Affposts are mashups of the most popular blogs posts and affiliate marketing news that present headlines of their sources in near-realtime. These affiliate aggregators offer a convenient tool to stay connected with affiliate news and never miss fresh posts (while not having to visit 10, 20 or even more blogs one by one, to only realize that they didn’t post anything new since your last visit).

Affbuzz is Dead, Long Live Affposts!

If you are reading Affbuzz on a regular basis, you should make the switch to Affposts right now. If you never heard of any, don’t waste your time with Affbuzz and visit directly Affposts.

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Affbuzz is Dead


If you’ve been in the make money online / make money blogging / affiliate industry for more than a month, you have certainly heard of Justin Barr’s Affbuzz at least a couple times, but this website has some huge flaws that should convince you to never visit it again and move to Affposts instead.

While on the first look, Affbuzz seems nice, it’s mostly appealing for people who don’t have a clue about the industry. Once you start to know the who’s who and what’s what of the affiliate marketing industry, you realize that Affbuzz has some huge flaws.

Affbuzz Cons

Static Blog Order: The order of the blogs never changes. As a reader, you’re always presented first with the same bunch of blogs. Wondering if they are ordered by quality? Nay! All the bloggers listed on top are Affbuzz buddies. Nice way to promote his friends… Totally biased, and definitely not the best way to bring value to the readers.

Dead Blogs: A lot of the blogs presented on Affbuzz haven’t posted in months (if not years). Justin (the owner of Affbuzz) doesn’t seem to care much about the freshness of Affbuzz. If you didn’t post in 6 months but you’re friend with Justin, you’ll still be listed on top of everyone else. As a reader, I don’t want to waste time searching fresh posts scattered on a page of dead blogs.

Comment System: The comment system on Affbuzz is totally useless. I don’t see the point on creating yet-another place where people can leave comments on a blog posts. It’s only diluting the discussion. And for the readers it has close to 0 value anyway: what’s the point in leaving comments on headlines?!

If you want to blindly follow some big names in the industry and encourage the ego fueling, you can visit Affbuzz. However, if you are interested in learning things that will put money in your pocket, and really get value for the time you’re spending, you should visit Affposts.

Long Live Affposts


Affposts is a brand new awesome mashup site launched by Luke Kling, affiliate manager at Peerfly, one of the most respected affiliate networks in the industry.

After spending some time looking at what was available in the industry to get news on a daily basis, Luke realized that the existing sites didn’t provide that much value for readers, so he decided to put his own mashup together with some pretty amazing features that are putting Affbuzz to shame.

Affposts Pros

Dynamic Blog Order: The blogs presented on Affposts are always ordered by freshness. When a blog publishes a new post, it gets right to the top of the page. When you visit Affposts, you don’t lose time looking for some fresh quality content to read… it’s right there in front of your eyes.

No More Dead Blogs: This is a consequence if the previous point. Since the blogs are ordered by freshness, blogs that don’t publish fresh content get pushed out of your sight, down the page: no more dead blogs littering the frontpage of your favorite blogs aggregator.

Affposts Newspaper: Here is some more value for you. Affposts allows you to subscribe by email and receive the latest posts directly in your inbox every morning. You don’t have to wonder anymore if your prefered blogs have been updated in the last 24 hours, it’s right there in your inbox when you wake up.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to drop Affbuzz, the dinosaur, and make the switch to Affposts. Affposts is for the enlightened bloggers / marketers who want to learn how to make a living online, and don’t have time to waste fueling the egos of the Affbuzz buddies.


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  1. Artur

    Not to mention that white text on black background on affbuzz makes it a killer on the eyes.

    I landed on this post through the newspaper from affposts.

    1. Steven

      Absolutely Artur. I think Affbuzz went with the black background to look more “underground”. When you think about it, it’s mostly used on “underground” or luxury websites and I doubt Affbuzz fits in the latter. How do you like Affposts so far?

  2. Bella Belle

    I found Affpost a week ago, subscribed to the newspaper and am receiving the latest fresh content every morning. I am finding new sites, keeping up with the ones I know and staying on top. Good Job!

    1. Steven

      So how do you like it so far, Bella? I keep hearing amazing feedback about Affposts…

    2. Bella Belle

      I really like it… easy to stay informed by going to just one site, read the headlines and then click the ones your interested in. Awesome.

  3. Donna Anderson

    Congratulations, Steven. That’s a mix of some pretty heavy-duty affiliate marketers, and there you are right at the top.

    I never really liked AffBuzz, mainly because of the black background with white font. It’s hard to read and IMO it’s kinda cheesy looking, which always made me question the credibility. But that’s just a personal thing.

    Thanks for the AffPosts review. It’s a nice looking site and much easier to read. I like that daily newsletter idea, too.

    1. Steven

      Hey Donna, I am at the top simply because I post often… This is what I like with Affposts: post often and you get more eyeballs on your titles.

  4. Affiliate Manager

    Great post Steven! I really appreciate it. Happy you and your readers seem to like affposts. I’m going to keep working to make it the best resource possible for anyone in affiliate marketing :)

    1. Steven

      No problem Luke. Great resources need to be talked about, and Affposts certainly fits this category!

  5. Samrath Gupta

    Affposts is really a wonderful website! The new user interface and all makes it really unique ;)

    1. Steven

      You’re right Samrath! Unique and extremely helpful.

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