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When you setup a new AdWords campaign, Google always do that really helpful thing where they recommend a chunk of other keywords that you might be interested in using for your campaign.

So, naturally, as Google has recommended them for you, better add them on, right?


The fact is that adding on these suggested keywords can often do little more than drain your budget – so no matter how tempting it is to take these recommendations, don’t do it (at least without doing sufficient research first anyway).

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google adwords keyword suggestion tool

Anyone who sets up an AdWords campaign, or an PPC campaign for that matter, should have done ample research in order to identify the keywords they want to target. It really is up to individual to target the keywords that will work best for them a lot of time and care should be taken in order to research only the very best keywords. There’s no point using keywords that aren’t really that relevant to your campaign, because you’ll only end up paying for junk traffic.

Keyword research is extremely important, so make sure you do it. Whether you use Google’s Keyword Tool, or a third party tool, really doesn’t matter. Setting up AdWords campaigns is not the time or the place to use guess work.

So, next time you’re setting up your AdWords campaign with a list of keywords you’ve thoroughly researched, what do you do when Google throws up a list of suggested keywords for you to add to your campaign? The optimists amongst us might decide to note them down and run them through the keyword research tools at our disposal – you might just have overlooked one or two real winners. The pessimists amongst us will just ignore the recommendations.

There really is no right or wrong thing to do in this situation. If you’re adamant you’ve got the right keywords for the campaign then perhaps you don’t need to waste your time researching them, but if you feel your campaign is a little light and you need some inspiration, it could be wise to rattle through them.

The point here isn’t to completely shun the recommendations that Google gives you (although you can if you want – no one’s stopping you!), the point is that you shouldn’t just add them all onto your campaign because Google have said you should. If you’re going to just add suggestions on willy-nilly, what was the point in doing careful keyword research in the first place?

Remember Google’s AdWords isn’t the only PPC network out there, and they’re not the only network to offer their users suggestions and recommendations for new keywords. Take the recommendations given to you by any network with a pinch of salt and research them yourself. You might just find some really good keywords, or you might just find a load of rubbish keywords and take no further action.

When it comes to PPC networks it’s YOUR money that’s being spent every time someone clicks an ad, so don’t waste your money on keywords that won’t bring in a good return for your website or business.

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  1. Mel

    thanks for the tip, i have a pretty tedious method for keyword selection by looking up a popular website and looking up the keywords associated with it then comparing it to another site and then to the other until i narrow down the most popular and effective keywords to use, not sure if the others are doing the similar thing but any better suggestion will be much appreciated

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