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The whole point of any form of marketing is to generate interest in a product or service, and of course sales.

Older forms of marketing such as TV ads or even newspaper ads were hard to track in terms of conversions – no matter how many sums are done, it’s impossible to put an exact figure on the ROI that each marketing campaign brings in for a company.

Advertising online is different though, especially when using Google’s AdWords.

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What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking allows you to track users on your site, from the second they click through on your advert, to the moment that they leave. Of course you’ll see which pages they clicked on, what they bought, and much more. Conversion tracking is really helpful because it allows you to determine pages and products that convert well, as opposed to ones that don’t. You can then learn from the pages that convert well, and improve the rest of your site accordingly.

As well as tracking user movement on your site you can also track the ROI – or return on investment that you make, as a result of clicks. The sad reality is that no one in the world gets a 100% ROI on AdWords, or any other form of marketing. Therefore it’s crucial that you pay attention to the ROI figure to see whether or not it’s worth keeping up your marketing campaign. If you’re seeing a very low ROI – or you’re losing money, it might be best to call it quits. On the other hand, if you’re seeing a really good ROI it might be an idea to increase your AdWords budget, and perhaps cut back on other less profitable forms of marketing.

In order to track conversions using AdWords you must use a special string of code that AdWords gives you – this must be added to your “conversion” page – usually a checkout page. This string of code is easy to install in the footer of your site. Don’t be put off by this code – it must be installed otherwise you can’t track your conversions.

Conversion tracking is very handy if you use social media and SEO to generate traffic too – because it shows you exactly how much of the traffic you’re paying for from AdWords is actually converting. If you didn’t have conversion tracking from AdWords installed, you’d be left to guess which traffic sources are sending you the traffic that tends to convert.

How do I maximise ROI?

In order to maximise your ROI you must learn from your tracking information. You can then look to cut out those keywords in your AdWords campaign that aren’t profitable – therefore leaving more of your budget to be spent on the profitable keywords.

You can track conversions in virtually all PPC networks – there’s usually a small string of code that you need to install in order to do this. If you’re not very good with code then you should definitely pay someone to do it for you – because conversion tracking is a really important metric that you must measure.

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