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If you have the traffic coming in, it may be worth it for you to look for direct advertisers or sponsors instead of promoting affiliate products or PPC ads.

Already have affiliate ads on your blog?

Consider renting some of your prime Real Estate and dropping some of your poorer performers.

Here are 10 ways to make your blog more attractive to advertisers.

1. Place an “Advertise Here” banner on your blog – Place “Advertise Here” banners in exactly the locations you’re willing to let advertisers use and link those banners directly to you advertising page. Prime locations are above the fold.

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2. Only allow relevant ads – If your blog is about baby care then don’t solicit ads from car care companies or surfing instructors. Keep your ads relevant to your audience.

3. Use placeholder ads – If you haven’t sold any ads yet, use place holder ads in relevant niches.

4. Give free advertising space – If you’ve been after a sponsor and he just won’t commit, go ahead an put a free ad in your sidebar. Nobody’s using the space anyway and that might be all it takes to bring him around.

5. Let them see your stats – Advertisers are going to want to know what they’re getting for their money. Show at least your basic stats on your advertising page and be prepared to provide more detail if asked. Show your monthly unique visitors and the total number of impressions.

6. Let them see your demographics – Know your audience. Again, the more you can tell the advertisers the more comfortable they’ll feel about advertising on your blog.

7. Create an “About” page – Create an “About” page to let advertisers see what you’re site’s about and what you’re trying to achieve. This gives them more of an idea about the demographics of your audience.

8. Get rid of Google AdSense – Advertisers either pay you per click, or they pay a monthly fee based on your traffic numbers. Either way, you want your visitors clicking on those ads, not AdSense. So get rid of the AdSense before you even start soliciting advertisers.

9. Stay on topic – You might get 10,000 visitors a month but if half come to your blog for baby care advice and the other half come because they like to hear you complain about your cat then your traffic is split and worth a lot less to advertisers. Stay on topic to attract one audience.

10. Blog professionally – If you’re constantly ranting or complaining about something potential advertisers might think they’re next on your list. Be professional at all times so you don’t scare them away.

When you’re spiffing up your blog to make it more attractive for advertisers you might be tempted to exaggerate about your traffic numbers or have your readers bump up their comment activity to make you look more popular. Don’t. Those advertisers are going to be monitoring their own stats once they’ve paid for that ad space and if you’re not delivering on your promises they’re not going to be happy campers.

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  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Thanks! These are some fantastic tips. I would like to monetize my blog through advertisers – but I’m still working on building my readership. Thanks again! This tips will prove to be helpful one day!

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