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Any kind of advertising is expensive. It either costs you money or it costs you some time, and time equals money when you’re in business for yourself. Either way, when you advertise you want to get the best return on your investment. When you’re advertising your website you’ll get a better return if you send visitors to a landing page.

split testing increase landing page conversion rates

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Typically, when you buy online advertising, you only have a very small space for your message. It might be a 125 X 125 pixel image, or it might be 80 or 100 characters for an Adsense or Facebook text link ad. You really only have enough time to grab the readers’ attention and get them to click.

Now, if they follow that link and it leads to the homepage of your blog, what will they see? Even if you have the best, most professional blog design, it’s not the best place to land. The homepage of your website is usually filled with links and banners and images. And if it’s a blog, it’s even worse. Running down the middle of the page are all these titles and post excerpts.

Imagine you’re visiting another website or Facebook. You see an ad in the sidebar, you click on it, and you land on the homepage of a blog. Where would you start? What would draw your attention first? There’s really no way of knowing. In fact, in most cases, you’re going to turn around and leave.

Now, imagine you click that ad and end up on a landing page that says, “Welcome to XYZ Blog!” and tells you the benefits of visiting that blog. Just a short page is all it takes and you’ll be much more likely to click through and visit that blog, now that you’ve been introduced.

A landing page is also a good time to add a call to action. After you’ve finished telling the reader how wonderful your blog is and how it’s going to change his life you can include a call to action to subscribe to your newsletter or your RSS feed.

A landing page is just a clean, professional way to introduce your website to people who responded to your ad. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you don’t need to pay a professional copywriter. In fact, you can use a blog post for a landing page if you want.

Here’s a great way to look at it: Let’s say you’re looking for a new cashmere sweater. You ask your friend if he can recommend a store and he sends you to the mall. Now, there are dozens of stores in that mall and that sweater’s in there somewhere, but where do you start?

If he had sent you to XYZ store, that would be like sending you to a landing page. You can still go in and look around at all of the sweaters they have, and they might have something else you’re looking for. But at least now you know you’re headed in the right direction.

Give it a try yourself and you might be so surprised by the results you’ll set up multiple landing pages.

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  1. Michelle

    Yes, I hate it when I click on an ad/link and I end up at a page wondering how I got there and if I am even on the right website. SO much so that I hit the back button and try the link again.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Michelle (I edited your affiliate links from the comments, this is not the place for that)

    2. Michelle

      Love the changes to your site!
      BTW – those weren’t affiliate links…. sorry I guess I should have stated as much.
      Again, love the updates here!

    3. Steven

      I’m glad you like the changes on the site :)

  2. Patrick Allmond

    Great point. I think of the analogy more like this:

    The mall is the internet
    The store for the sweater is your website
    The shelf with the sweater on it is your landing page

    1. Steven

      That’s an interesting way of seeing things Patrick. Thanks for sharing :)

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