AdSense Profits Can You Still Make a Living from Adsense?

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AdSense Profits: Can You Still Make a Living from Adsense?

Over the past few years internet marketing as a whole has evolved. In the past it was possible to make vast sums of money from “MFA” (Made for AdSense) sites, but in recent times it has become a lot harder to make such large sums of money from what is certainly the most popular ad network. So, the question remains, can you still make a living from AdSense?

Yes, without a doubt

A lot of people will find it a bit surprising to hear that it is still absolutely possible to make a living from AdSense – many people still do it. The thing to remember however is that the game has changed, so old methods won’t necessarily still work now.

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In times gone by people used to knock out hundreds of niche sites every week. Each niche site would contain one to three articles targeted at low competition keywords. Minimal SEO work would be required to get these sites ranking in Google; traffic would start to flow in, so would ad clicks, and that was basically how people made a fortune with AdSense. The only limit to how much you could make with AdSense was how many sites you were willing to put up.

What people have found in recent times is that those micro sites no longer work. Websites with just a couple of pages of content on are pretty hard to rank nowadays, and even if you do manage to rank such a site in the search engines, if Google choose to manually review it there’s a good chance it’ll get de-indexed, and your AdSense account banned.

The key to a successful AdSense site is to make it an authority site

The key to making money with AdSense (and lots of it!) is to build authority sites; instead of putting energy into 10 micro sites that may or may not do well, put your energy into building one big site with around 20-30 pages of unique, helpful content.

Authority sites are obviously harder to build, but you’ll reap the rewards further down the line. Remember that you should also update your website on a regular basis too, so once you’ve got the site up with around 20-30 articles on it, outsource another batch of 20-30 articles and set them up to publish bi-weekly, or even monthly. Search engines love to see new content!

What you’ll notice with an authority site is that it’s easier to attain a high Page Rank, which will in turn help you out SEO wise. It stands to reason really that Google prefer authority sites to micro sites that provide very little help to their searchers.

The AdSense code really isn’t that hard to crack – you’ve got to be willing to put in more effort and work in order to reap the rewards. Authority sites are definitely the way forward, and if you get it right you’ll see just what an AdSense goldmine you can potentially make.

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  1. Greta Boris

    Okay, I’m confused. You have about 5 articles on Adsense and they all seem to contradict each other. Is is a good idea to put adsense on your site or not?

    1. Steven

      The good answer is: it depends. There are plenty of different situations… It depends if your blog is new or old, it depends what niche you’re in, it depends what’s your goal with your blog…

    2. Greta Boris

      Wouldn’t it be nice if there were easy answers:) maneuvering through all the information out there is time consuming. Thanks for your site, though. You have a lot of great resources.

    3. Steven

      Thanks for the nice words Greta.

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