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Over the years I’ve talked about all kinds of ways to make money online. Some of them can be quite complicated, especially if you’re as technically challenged as I was when I first started blogging.

I know they say if something’s too good to be true it probably isn’t, but honestly, after all my years of blogging, I still think Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money with your blog so I’m going to share three tips to help you get started.

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You Don’t Have To Be The Best

When you’re first starting out you have so many things to learn, like how to set up a blog and how to write great content. Finding a way to tie everything together and add in some form of monetization just makes it that much more difficult to progress.

It’s like the old riddle I always quote: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s always easier to achieve your goals when you break them down into bite-size pieces.

You don’t have to have any technical skills to use AdSense on your blog. You just copy and paste the code and you’re done. In that respect, it’s perfect for new bloggers who don’t want to get bogged down in creating image and text links and inserting banners all over the place. It’s quick and easy and you can start earning money right away.

But even more appealing is the type of content you’ll need to produce. Yes, you’ll need to understand a little bit about keywords, but Google’s intuitive search algorithm takes care of a lot of that for you. What I’m talking about is the quality of your content.

If you were promoting affiliate products you’d need to create the type of content that presells the product, no easy feat for beginning bloggers who haven’t learned how to target and write for an audience yet.

But with AdSense, you really don’t want to try to answer all your reader’s questions and force them down a sales funnel. In fact, you want to leave them wanting more so they’ll click on those AdSense links.

Choose A Small Niche and Own It

With AdSense it’s not necessary to go after those large niches like Dating or Dieting. With broad niches like that you’ll have a tough time competing for traffic. Look for smaller, unique niches to blog about and start building a following.

After you’ve learned more about blogging and monetization you can search for unique affiliate products to your blog and take over the niche.

Build Multiple Blogs

In most cases you’re not going to get rich with one AdSense blog, and it’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket anyway.

Once you find your groove start building up multiple blogs. Some will be losers, but that’s OK. That’s just a given when you’re doing business online.

But some will have surprising results. Sometimes there’s just no predicting what’s going to happen on the Internet.

So when you find something that works, wash, rinse and repeat and keep moving forward and you’ll soon be making a living with your Google AdSense blogs.

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  1. William Patton

    I thought this was gonna be a actual list of sites making full time wages from adsense :p

    But a bunch of good tips anyway especially the bit about about some sites, no matter how many man hours you throw at them, just wont work. Most people notice that and just give up when a much better solution would be to simply move onto something else.

    Also I’ve been noticing some changes regarding the CTA on the homepage. That was something I mentioned I wasnt keen on in my review. I’m glad it’s changing just… I don’t like the red either :( lol Any chance of a post specifically about large homepage CTAs and what works with yours?

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment William.

      Actually, when you have a site that is not working there is more than 2 possibilities… It’s not either giving it up or banging your head in the wall again and again. You can simply shift the focus of the site without starting from scratch again.

      Since it’s not the subject of the post, to make it short: if the homepage CTA is there, it’s because it works.

  2. Greta Boris

    Really helpful article!

    1. Steven


  3. Shanna

    Thank-you for the tips.

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome Shanna

  4. Rconnor111

    Some good tips on Google adsense or adsense alternatives if your not a big fan of google, thanks Kewer!

    1. Steven

      The hard truth is that even if you are not a big fan of Google, you have to learn to live with them. Because like it or not, they are the big guy on the web.

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