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Adoori Review: Need Pop-Under Traffic Source?

I’ve been contacted a few weeks ago by a member of Adoori’s staff who asked me to do a paid review of their service. It took me some time to gather information about their website and service before being able to post this review. Now I’m confident that I can bring you some interesting information about Adoori!

These days, traffic sources are appearing almost every week. This brings a few issues: what kind of traffic do you want to work with? pay-per-click? pay-per-view? contextual? natural search traffic?

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Once your choice is made regarding the type of traffic you need, here comes another difficult choice: which company should you go with? There are so many opportunities that finding the right way to reach your target audience could take ages.

Adoori: An Original Advertising Network

With so many advertising networks waiting in line to provide you some quality traffic, Adoori comes with a very unique twist to make its own place in the Advertising Networks’ world.

Adoori describes itself as a platform which provides both advertising and publishing products and services globally. Adoori is proud to work with a lot of business owners, marketers and affiliates across the globe.

The biggest difference between Adoori and the other advertising network is their focus on Pop-Under traffic. Pop-under ads appear behind the window instead of in front of the window like pop-up ads.

Adoori Premium pop-under traffic is from exclusive publishers, and you can set a frequency cap to 24 hours to make sure you get daily unique visitors.

From what they say, Adoori’s Premium Pop-Under traffic works especially well with offers such as freebies (ipad, iphone giving away), gaming and traveling.

Why Pop-Under Can Be Better

The main problem with pop-up ads is that they get right into your visitors face. You are interupting their browsing. A lot of people can find that totally annoying and will close the window as soon as possible without even looking at the content of the ads.

With pop-under the game is totally different: your ad opens behind current page. It is clearly less invasive for the visitors and there is a good chance that they will take a look at your ad once they close the page they were visiting.

Adoori: Signing Up As Easy As 1, 2, 3

I’ve never seen a signup process as easy as Adoori’s one. All the information you need to type in on the signup page is your Email, a Username and a Password. This is what I call a very short form!

Adoori Targeting System

An important aspect of Adoori is that you are not targeting by content, but by location. While this could be seen as a disadvantage since the traffic is absolutely not targeted and your ad may appear on totally irrelevant websites, this can happen to be an interesting advantage thanks to the volume available. But you’ll most likely have to find an original twist for your campaigns to capture this untargeted crowd.

Adoori: A Source Of International Traffic

Another thing that makes Adoori different from its competition is the fact that they can provide you with some traffic from more than 230 countries worldwide. Most of their advertisers run Premium pop-under campaigns in US, CA, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Scandinavian countries, LATAM and AU too.

Adoori: Targeted Traffic And Bulks

While Adoori lets you target traffic by country, it also allows you to buy mixed country packages. You can see the available packages and their rates on the Pop-Under Package Page.

Adoori Payment And Bidding System

Adoori has a whole bidding system available for their advertisers. To fund your account, until a few days ago there was no Credit Card payment available. You had to make payments through Paypal, and could even set recurring payments. Now, things are getting even better! No need to fund your account through Paypal anymore, you can add funds directly with your credit card.

Adoori Review Summary

Adoori brings a refreshing twist to the advertising world. The amount of traffic they can provide, even though it’s un-targeted could mean interesting profits if you are able to develop a good strategy. And since the signup process is so easy, you couldn’t afford not to give it a try!


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  1. Affiliate Paying

    Great post Steven. Do you know what the user demographic of Adoori is?

    1. Steven

      From the tests I’ve been running with french traffic, I’d say Males between 18 and 35 years old.

      Adoori does let some referrers go through, so you can see where your visitors are coming from and target your campaigns accordingly.

    2. Affiliate Paying

      Thanks a lot for the info ;)

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