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AdCombo Review: Your Best Partner for CPA Marketing

On their homepage, you will see a very bold claim: “Ad Combo has changed CPA marketing forever“.

Let’s take a detailed look at AdCombo and see what this network is all about. We will see if they actually deliver on their promise.

Custom Technology

AdCombo is not just another cookie-cutter network built with Cake or HasOffers. (That’s probably the first important thing to note). They put some real work in developing an in-house affiliate network system.

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The affiliate interface is unlike what you’ve seen in every other network.

It’s been custom-built from scratch exclusively for AdCombo.

As soon as you login, you will see the clear navigation panel on the left of your screen.

It includes some items you are probably familiar with, such as “Dashboard“, “Offers“, and “Statistics“.

You will also see some new options that you’ve probably never seen on other networks, such as “Tickets” and “Instruments“.

I’ll get back to these in a minute, but first I would like to talk about something that clearly differentiates¬†AdCombo from most other affiliate networks…

Express System

AdCombo has one primary goal: getting you approved and running traffic as fast as possible.

They understand that some networks are making the entire process painfully slow for affiliates. It could take ages to go from signup, to account approval, setup, offer approval, and finally getting paid.

adcombo system

AdCombo will take you through almost the same process as other CPA networks, except that they will do it much faster.

For example, one of the steps that I find extremely frustrating with many networks is having to get approved for each offer individually.

Let’s say you have a new idea for a campaign and you quickly want to find some offers to test. You go to your favorite network, only to find out that you need to be manually approved for the offers you need. Even after you’re approved, they still need to review all your creatives, and it’s already Friday night… So you’ll have to wait until Monday morning to submit your request, then wait 24 hours to 7 days to get your creatives approved.

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there.

The team at AdCombo understands that when you want to run some new offers, you want to do it now.

The chart above (taken from AdCombo website) clearly illustrates the difference between AdCombo and other networks from the moment you signup to the moment you get paid. They go as far as claiming that the whole process can take only 24 hours for everything.

If you’ve worked with any paid traffic before, you know that time is money and having a fast turnover for your money allows you to buy more traffic faster and increase your bottom line significantly.

Clean Interface

I do appreciate minimalism in web design, especially when it comes to a service such as an affiliate network. I don’t need glossy boxes and fancy color gradients.

Which is exactly why I like the affiliate back-end of AdCombo so much.

When I use an affiliate network, I want quick access to the data that matters. Period.

adcombo dashboard

In that aspect, AdCombo delivers exactly what you would expect from an efficient CPA network: no bells and whistles. Only data and money.

Offers & Geos

Another very interesting thing with AdCombo is the wide variety of Geos that they cover, especially in the health and beauty niche. If you’re looking for 2-step offers for some uncommon Geos, you should probably take a look at this network.

adcombo offers

You’ll be very pleased to see that they have offers for some pretty rare Geos. Giving you opportunities to make money from some countries with potentially low competition.

I wrote about health and beauty before, but this is not the only niche you will find on AdCombo. They have a wide variety of offers, going from Insurance and Payday, to Software, Telemarketing, and even Pets.

And if you need a specific offer and you can’t find it on AdCombo, you can simply contact your account manager and ask them to get it for you. They will try their best to get any offer you need on their network.

Extra Tools

Another interesting difference between AdCombo and other networks is that they create and test a whole lot of landing pages and pre-landing pages. That allows you to fast track the testing and start making money a lot faster from your traffic.

They have an in-house team whose only job is to develop creatives, landers, and pre-landers in over 40 different languages to help you easily promote their offers.

As if it wasn’t enough yet, you can even ask them to translate some specific text in the language you need through their interface (under Instruments / Translations).

Team & Support

If you’ve worked with any number of affiliate networks, you know that poor communication can make for a very frustrating business experience. There is little chance you want to work long term with companies that fail to respond to you in a timely manner.

I mean, if they don’t want your traffic, fine, that’s their loss.

Have you ever messaged one of your affiliate managers only to get a canned response… 3 days later?

With most affiliate networks, you won’t get any attention from your affiliate manager, unless you’re pushing 5 or 6 figures per month. They will not help you, and they will not answer any of your questions.

The interaction with AdCombo is completely different: when you get your account, you get assigned a dedicated affiliate manager who will be your point of contact with the company for any question you may have.

They will go out of their way to help you get setup and start running traffic with them, because they understand that good communication is the foundation of every successful business relationship.

adcombo tickets

To make the communication even smoother, AdCombo features an integrated Tickets area. There you can directly get in touch with your account manager. You won’t have to run after them through Skype or email. It’s all happening directly on their website.

Simply open a ticket on their support page, and you’ll get a reply from your account manager ASAP.

Signup Now

With all that being said, I’m wondering what you’re waiting for to create your affiliate account with AdCombo.

I strongly advise you to give them a try. You will find more information on the AdCombo website, or go directly to their signup page: here.


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