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About Page Conversion: Get More Subscribers, Leads, and Sales

Many bloggers only set up an About page as an afterthought.

Someone said, “Hey! You need an About page” so they create one and add a few lines about their blog, their reason for blogging and what they like to do when they’re not blogging.

But if you understand the mindset of the visitor who looks for your About page you’ll see it deserves much more attention.

Unless you’re sharing that specific link, very few of your visitors will land on your About page when they come to your blog.

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Most will either land on an individual post or your homepage.

After reading your post, and maybe checking out a few more, your visitor might be so impressed that he decides to check out your About page.

So it’s important to understand that visitors who go to your About page are already sold on your blog, otherwise they wouldn’t take the time to try to learn more about you – they’d just leave your blog.

Because the visitors who go to your About page already like your blog, that means they’re also more likely to subscribe, or maybe even become a customer or client.

And that means you need to spruce up your About page so it’s more than just a landing strip and use it to generate leads, sales or subscriptions.

1. Increase Subscriptions With Your About Page

It only makes sense that people who visit your About page to learn more about you and your blog would be interested in subscribing to your newsletter where they can learn even more.

Create a separate opt-in form for your About page and use language that lets speaks directly to these visitors.

For example, “Welcome to XYZ Blog. To learn more about us, subscribe to our newsletter below.

2. Increase Leads With Your About Page

For online businesses that use their blog to generate leads the About page is an ideal location for an additional lead generation form.

The people reading this page have already demonstrated an interest in learning more about your company and the services you provide.

Create a separate opt-in form and include language that lets the visitor know you’ll simply be sending him more information about your company, not selling off his email address.

Go a step further and offer a free guide or consultation to encourage sign-ups.

3. Increase Sales With Your About Page

If you sell your own products on your blog your About page is also an ideal place to promote your best sellers, your personal favorites or your “most viewed” items.

Include a small description with each image and link to the product sales page.

Again, this works because the visitor who lands on your sales page is already expressing interest in you and your business.

While he’s there, introduce him to your top-sellers.

Don’t try to use all three options on your About page.

Give your reader too many choices and more often than not he won’t choose at all.

If all three options sound like something you’d like to do, set up three separate pages, maybe and About page, a Services Offered page, and a Store page.


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