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There’s a little known trick in WordPress SEO – if you buy a new domain and you’re scared of sandboxing it, you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to age. Instead, you can purchase an existing domain, then 301 redirect it to your new domain. Your new domain will then inherit any Page Rank associated with it – and also any backlinks. Remember though, as soon as you remove the 301 redirect and Google sees it has gone, you’ll lose all of this inherited data.

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Does this mean I can blast my new site then?

Yes, and no. If you pick up a domain that’s old enough then you can probably get away with blasting your site with various automated tools. Just remember this isn’t as effective as it used to be, and it’s now widely believed that this kind of linkbuilding has a negative effect on your SEO – so it’s probably not worth doing.

The basic idea behind the technique is that Google will penalize new sites that have an influx of backlinks. Google are much slower to penalize aged sites that suddenly get a lot of backlinks however – hence why this method works. Of course if you go building millions of links in a day you will still be sandboxed or penalized even if you use this redirect trick, but for the typical link builder creating a few hundred links per day, it’ll keep your safe from a penalty and the sandbox. Remember that link consistency is vital – there’s no use building hundreds of links one week then none the next – drip new links in over time for the best SEO success.

Where to get domains to 301

There are various domain dropping services out there that let you register expiring domains. That means you’ll get to them before they expire – meaning they’ll retain their age and any Page Rank they have. Remember that high Page Rank domains with backlinks usually do go for a premium, so don’t set your heart on a PR6 expiring domain – chances are it will go for an awful lot of money (most expiring domains tend to be auctioned off). In general you shouldn’t really worry about PR or backlinks – what you’re really looking for is the age of the domain. Any PR or backlinks you do get are a bonus. Typically expiring domains that are aged can cost anything from $10, to $100.

This is a fantastic technique – and the redirect trick is also something that you can use for client sites. Instead of building links directly to a client’s money site, you can build them to an aged domain that you purchase. This is particularly effective because if clients decide to drop your SEO services you can remove the 301 redirect on the domain you built the links to, as a result their SERPS will plummet like a stone. It might not be particularly ethical, but it’s a very good way to retain your clients for a long time to come.

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