Your Blog Sucks: Give Up !

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Are you at a point where you are not seeing any gain from the blog you work so hard on? Do you often find yourself thinking that maybe your blog just sucks? If you ever feel like it is time to just give up, then it is definitely time to examine the blog you have and the work you do and trying to determine if it is time to move on to another venture. There are several things you have to look at when you assess your blog. It goes beyond whether or not it is bringing in a profit.

your blog sucks

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How long have you been operating the blog? If you just recently started then chances are you have not had enough time to build up an income or even substantial traffic. You always have to view how long the blog has been active before you can make a judgment about whether or not it is time to give up. Walking away is the biggest reason that bloggers tend to fail at their attempts. If, however, you have been running the blog for a long period of time and are not seeing results then it is time to examine some other things to decide if giving up is the best thing for you.

What is your traffic like and how much conversion do you get? Are you seeing a lot of traffic? Are those visitors subscribing to the blog or email list? Do you get a lot of comments? These are all things you have to look at. If, for instance, you are not getting any traffic then you can sit back and know that maybe it is not the blog. Instead maybe it is the marketing. Perhaps you simply need to get the word out and drive traffic to your site. Then again, if you are getting a lot of traffic and no one is staying or subscribing then you can feel pretty confident that there is a problem with the blog.

Do you give up? Well the fact is that you have to look at your blog from an unbiased point of view. As if you were a reader stopping by. Does it grab you? Does the content meet your needs? If you determine that there are issues with the blog itself then you have to make a decision. Are they issues you can resolve and keep the same blog or do you need a fresh start? The biggest thing to consider is whether your idea or topic is even wanted or needed by readers.

Once you decide whether to fix up your current blog or close it down and start over you will feel relief. Not every blog is successful on the first try. It takes a combination of things to make it turn out right. The best thing you can do is research. Spend some time getting to know what you are offering, making sure you can sell it and then researching the best way to make your blog successful. You cannot simply create a blog and expect it to be a hit. You have to work at it. If you find out that your current blog sucks, give up and try again. You will find your niche and then the rewards will be worth the effort.

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  1. Affiliate Manager

    With my blog I didn’t really see much traction at all until about 3-4 months in. I was not blogging to get readers though, I was simply blogging about different questions I got asked at PeerFly frequently so that I could then have an article to forward people to rather than answering the same email over and over again. About 6 months after I started my blog it picked up some good backlinks and I started getting quite a bit of organic traffic. At the point, I knew it didn’t suck.

    If you are writing about something you enjoy and you are providing good content then your blog DOES NOT SUCK and it will get the traffic it deserves. You just need to be patient :)

    1. David

      I think it does take time. That is why people say that you should blog about something you are passionate about. It is hard to put in the required amount of time and effort otherwise.

      To do a lot of work and get no results is always frustrating and that is the barrier that has to be broken through.

    2. Jeffreyskang

      what about blogs that have no real focus? the ads won’t make as much as a highly targeted niche blog, but it must have some value, right?

    3. Joseph

      Hello Luke,that must have been a very good idea to trigger you to start a blog. I also need to commend the idea that writing about something you have passion in will always pay off with no need to be patient but passionate.


  2. Icciev

    Well for me I consider my self as a beginner blogger, I have two blogs with the oldest one been out for 1 year. The traffic stream is somewhat steady but it’s not that much, conversion rate and income is low, bounce rate is high. Sometimes I think that I am just wasting my time and think of giving up; but then I just wipe these thoughts out and just continue with my work. For how much time I should wait before I come to a decision that really my blog sucks?! I know it depends on many factors including the blog niche, but just a roughly estimation will be good.

    1. Affiliate Manager

      What are you trying to accomplish with your blog? That’s really what will determine how long you should continue to run it :)

      Also, you might want to work on your ad placement. Switch your ads around to change things up. Building an email list is also a good way to help monetize the traffic on your blog.

    2. Jeffreyskang

      generally, you should be able to know by the third to sixth month whether or not you want to keep at it, assuming your only traffic is through seo. i’d shoot for breaking even so that it’s easier to keep working on a site that isn’t making much but you’re passionate about it.

    3. Joseph

      Hi, I bet you shouldn’t wait any more. The time is now, try to re-think your blog to see what really works and what doesn’t. Also try to see into what Luke (Affiliate Manager) above tells you and you’ll definitely be trailing in a new beneficial path.

  3. David

    Let’s face it, blogging is hard and there are a ton of blogs that are achieving little to nothing.

    Is it possible to do better? In many cases it is. But I think the main problem is that it takes time and effort. And time is something that a lot of people are not willing to spend before they see any revenue coming in.

    That is what I think makes it difficult.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      That’s true, David, but most of those blogs haven’t taken in the most important step into consideration – research. The majority of bloggers still have no idea what SEO is and how they can use it to achieve more with their blogs.

      It takes more than time and effort. SEO and research will help bring in traffic faster and longer.

    2. Joseph

      Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your comment and I do agree with you as much as I agree with Dave on this thread. The only thing I would like to add up to this is that when we take time and effort as the driving forces of successful blogging, we have also included some really cool factors also but they lay behind the two (time and effort). I hope everyone gets me on this.

    3. Joseph

      Well said Dave, it really takes time and effort to build a successful blog. Without these two, your blog will sure suck to an irreparable point thus leading to giving up.

  4. Joseph

    For not every blog is successful, sometimes it reaches a point to make a decision once and for all – giving up. But until this point reaches, you need to have re-thought your blog to see how well you can rebuild it to be worth every minute you spend on it.

    After giving up, what next? Try to write a blog of your favourite hobby.

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